Obama, His Former Pastor, And No Free Passes

Here’s my real response to Ryan’s blog free pass to Obama.


Look either Rev. Wright consistently talked like he did in videos released or those instances aberrations. In either case Obama would be aware. Even if he weren’t at those services, if they were aberrations, word would have gotten back to him. If they weren’t aberrations then Obama would definitely been at services in which Rev. Wright spoke like this. Okay, so Obama was aware of this, what do we make of that?

We make of it this way: Obama had, as an adviser, a man whom he knew had beliefs about which Obama himself agreed were hateful (not to even mention the Rev.’s view of the government). If this was never leaked, and Obama were to win the Presidency, then Rev. Wright would have been an adviser to the President. What do we make of this?

At the very least this whole ordeal has shown an extreme lack of good judgment on Obama’s part. At the most, they show him actively supporting a hateful man while leaning on the man for counsel. A moderate view is that Obama passively supported Wright while leaning on him for counsel on social justice issues in Black religious communities. All the same, am I supposed to believe that Obama was/is so near sighted on the social justice issues that he would allow Rev. Wright a position as an adviser?

You said this Ryan:

“Because in politics, “The makeup person is more important than the speech writer” JP Moreland.”

So you would agree that Obama’s decision to give money to and hear counsel from Rev. Wright speaks louder than the P.R. speech someone else wrote for him that you posted on the blog?


C’mon Ryan, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say the character matters more than speeches while at the same time boasting about Obama’s speech and ignoring his bedfellows.

If you do, then you are buying into the hype and giving him a free pass. Which is totally unnecessary, becuase if you read my previous post you will know that he gave it back.


A Response to Ryan

Hey Ryan I believe you left this at Senator Obama’s house. Apparently he doesn’t need it, not only has he reached his quota from the press, but from Evangelicals as well. He does however want to extend his gratitude for you and all the other young evangelicals who have given him one.

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And he said that your subscription to this magazine is complete and thanks you for your joining in.

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