Am a little late to getting around to this but I wanted to post here an update about this blog.

In the last couple months I have started pastoring at a church in the Littleton Colorado area called Calvary Baptist Church.  Crystal and I have been blessed to partner with some amazing people in doing ministry.  In many ways after a season of confusion and question marks, I can say with confidence that God has been leading us to where we are now at for a long time.

If you would like to find out more about our church you can go to the website and have a look around.

In conjunction with that our church has started a blog which I am co-authoring (I guess I like blogging alongside a friend) with my good friend Mark who is the Senior Pastor at Calvary.  If you have liked what has been written on this blog over the years I think you will dig the blog we have going for Calvary.  You are welcome to check it out and participate in the comments.

This blog was a great experience for me as I went through seminary and I learned a lot through wonderful interaction with many of you.

If you are wondering what happened to Matt, well the short answer is he had twins and no one has heard from him since…