Why I love this blog!!!

This has been my favorite week of blogging — EVER.

It started of with Ryan explaining the need to run a disclaimer for our content. How this brought me joy I am not sure. This moved on to some of the best back and forth posts about a subject we have ever had. This was supplemented with great comments by the “core readers” of the blog (in juxtaposition to the 100 or so people who get here daily through random search terms). And for the record, Ryan’s post yesterday explaining the Prime Rib Theory was the greatest post EVER on the blog (with the Francis Beckwith post running second).

Honestly, we could turn this blog private tomorrow, only inviting the people who currently comment and we wouldn’t miss a beat. Probably the only reason we don’t is the hubris filled joy that comes when they look at their stats. Any blogger who denies this is a liar and most likely is an Arminian heretic who believes we save ourselves (oops, let a little bit of crazy come out there, been so good at hiding it lately too!).

My life is busier now, and more stressful than it ever has been. And there is not much of an end to that in sight. This blog has provided me with a great sense of joy over the past month or so and I look forward to it continuing that.

Ryan is my best friend and I love him very much. When you are close with people the idea of “mourning with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice” becomes a natural outflow. Today I was able to do some rejoicing with Ryan and that helped me get through a very busy work morning.

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So these are the main reasons I love this blog. I get to dialogue with my best friend, interact with others and have an outlet for creativity (stop laughing at that last point, it happens sometimes).

Why do you enjoy this blog? Let us know in the comment section and give Ryan and I a reason to enjoy the blog other than checking our stats.