Early Candidate For Worst Christian Idea Of The Year

This my friends is the idea of a Christian lawmaker in Florida and other Christian interest groups.  They have reckoned that since someone can put their university or favorite sports team on their plates, they should be able to put their Christian faith on their’s.  Honestly I think putting a plate like this on your car would only invite persecution (such as having your car keyed or egged) that there is just no good reason to submit yourself to.   As if Christian sub-culture was not already annoying enough to the rest of the population at large, we now need to testify to the fame of Jesus by the way we drive and a tacky license plate. This is truly the unfolding of the Kingdom of God…



South Hills makes Jesus famous

Last December Ryan and I were on our way to meet his in-laws and my wife for lunch at In-N-Out in Las Vegas. On our way we stopped on the desert land that a church is getting ready to build on. We prayed for the church, the city and (becuase of the heartbeat of the church) the nations. Today, as I looked at one of the local newspapers, I was stunned to see parts of that prayer answered.

If you are reading this post on April 24 2008, then click here to check out the front page of the Las Vegas Sun. If it is a later date click here.

(Shhh, don’t say anything, but I think Bret stole those chairs from Starbucks)

The thing I love about South Hills has been it’s mission statements/slogans. When I stepped into the church at Bob Miller Junior High the banner draped behind the stage read:

For Christ, Las Vegas, and the Nations

And even more refined now:

Making Jesus famous in Las Vegas

The idea of making Jesus famous is that his glory would shine in this dark place. God has used South Hills Church Community in the South end of Las Vegas to bring many people to faith in Christ since it launched early 2001. So congratulations on your faithfulness South Hills Church Community, may God continue to use you to make Jesus famous in Las Vegas.