The Disclaimer

One of the great difficulties or limitations of blogging is that the method of communication does not properly convey tone, emotion, or depth of relationship at all. Today at church I had some people who read this blog comment about the frankness, and blunt nature of some of the recent blog posts and ensuing comment threads. I was surprised at first that people would think this until I realized that not everyone knows the deep friendships that under-gird the interactions of many of the participants in the comment sections.

Adam h, who comments frequently on this blog, is a good friend of both Matt and I, and was also our amazing Campus Crusade director in college. Matt, Adam and I are all political science majors who also deeply love the Lord, so when the topics of politics and religion surface all three of us have strong opinions and years of serious thought and study on the topics. Please know that even though we are brutally honest and blunt with each other it is all in a spirit of love and affinity for each other. The great conversations that are sometimes had on this blog are one of the things that make it so fun and rewarding for me.

As this blog has developed an identity I have noticed that it quite accurately mirrors both Matt and I; it quickly transitions between irreverent and random, to the serious and meaningful. And if you were ever to listen to our phone conversations you would understand that is truly what our relationship is often like. Just before writing this post Matt and I talked on the phone about; Greek word studies, Hermeneutics, baseball, UNLV basketball, Church (what it should be like), and who I want the Chicago Bulls to draft. It all sounds quite disjointed but it just works, kinda like this blog.


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  1. hey, glad to know there are others who have friendships like this. God bless you guys, and please, keep blogging.

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