Theology and the Minister

My good buddy Mark gave me this book and I have been pouring through it the last few days.  The editor Martin Downes interviews many wonderful scholars and pastors about ministry, theology, and church.  One of the people he interviewed is theology professor R. Scott Clark.  Here is a quote that stuck out to me.

Almost invariably I find that those who say they are ‘bored’ with orthodoxy don’t really understand it.  That’s the most dangerous place of all: ministers who are badly taught and who’ve become inoculated against orthodoxy by exposure to a weak strain of it.

May we all be lovers of truth, not so that we would be filled with dead life-less theology.  But because orthodoxy is the life blood of our message and our mission is fueled by our message.


2 Responses

  1. what happened to your blog

  2. Yeah, I miss your posts. What’s up?

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