Obama, His Former Pastor, And No Free Passes

Here’s my real response to Ryan’s blog free pass to Obama.


Look either Rev. Wright consistently talked like he did in videos released or those instances aberrations. In either case Obama would be aware. Even if he weren’t at those services, if they were aberrations, word would have gotten back to him. If they weren’t aberrations then Obama would definitely been at services in which Rev. Wright spoke like this. Okay, so Obama was aware of this, what do we make of that?

We make of it this way: Obama had, as an adviser, a man whom he knew had beliefs about which Obama himself agreed were hateful (not to even mention the Rev.’s view of the government). If this was never leaked, and Obama were to win the Presidency, then Rev. Wright would have been an adviser to the President. What do we make of this?

At the very least this whole ordeal has shown an extreme lack of good judgment on Obama’s part. At the most, they show him actively supporting a hateful man while leaning on the man for counsel. A moderate view is that Obama passively supported Wright while leaning on him for counsel on social justice issues in Black religious communities. All the same, am I supposed to believe that Obama was/is so near sighted on the social justice issues that he would allow Rev. Wright a position as an adviser?

You said this Ryan:

“Because in politics, “The makeup person is more important than the speech writer” JP Moreland.”

So you would agree that Obama’s decision to give money to and hear counsel from Rev. Wright speaks louder than the P.R. speech someone else wrote for him that you posted on the blog?


C’mon Ryan, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say the character matters more than speeches while at the same time boasting about Obama’s speech and ignoring his bedfellows.

If you do, then you are buying into the hype and giving him a free pass. Which is totally unnecessary, becuase if you read my previous post you will know that he gave it back.



7 Responses

  1. In his statement to The Wall Street Journal, Dobson also faulted senator Mcain’s foreign policy speech last week in which he called for more collaboration with allies, closure of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and a new global warming treaty.
    “These policies frustrated conservatives, whom McCain seems to have written off,” Dobson wrote

    Way to go against the sometimes CRAZY conservative stance Ryan.

  2. Ryan, now it is you that is reminding me of being shaken by the bully at the urinal in junior high (see earlier comment thread if that sounds ghey). I am beginning to feel sorry for this pile on. Oh well, you have taken a stance like a man, and Matt is attacking it like a man. A pile on, but fun to watch. It’s like when Lisa tells Homer that anyone can boo and criticize the coach, because piling on is easy. Homer points out that it is fun, too.

    And Matt, you are on fire. Absolutely on fire.

    Vicky – do you think McCain will govern more conservative than he is running? I know his record over the years, but could he have been calculating a centrist position and nurturing it for the right moment or election cycle? What pricks my ears is “the new global warming treaty.” Could that mean he’ll flush Kyoto and start over? The other stuff is vague and equivocal, but that bit about GW seems like code for something. I’m curious what your analysis tells you.

  3. Once again this is where doing your homework helps. Obama did not have a speech writer on the race speech he gave, it was WIDELY reported that he was up till 2am writing the speech himself. So knowing that the words came right from Obama and not a glorified speech writer makes your point just factually wrong.

    Still if I remember correctly the original question posted to me, was how does the whole Wright view effect my intentions to vote for him. Let me break this down real clearly. The Wright stuff is a mess and and one that raises severe flags about Obama, which puts me back on the fence. But still the four points that I raised in my post answering the question, should not be forgotten. So which is worse Obama showing poor judgment with a crazy pastor? Or seeing a our country led further into a bankrupting war, the perpetuation of tax cuts for rich people, failed health care system, and a continuing to pollute the environment? When I am faced with these two question, I choose to look past the crazy pastor instead of the mammoth issues facing America.

  4. it was WIDELY reported that he was up till 2am writing the speech himself”
    – Which is exactly how I would spin it – Remember Douche/Turd, Douche/Turd.

    I also like how you are ignoring the abortion lover that Obama is when making your pro-con list.

    So in response,

    1. I am loving the fact that if you put up a couple picture with witty captions people think you the winner.

    2. I agree with your reasoning even though I think you are ignoring the social and long-term consequences of pulling out of Iraq the way Obama lays out.

  5. VERY well said, Ryan. See, this is what I’m talking about. It takes so much more integrity to say, “You know what, I’m voting for _____ because I agree with his/her policies, and I will overlook obvious or implied flaws.” The problem in the Christian community is that we manufacture a value system and use it to justify our choices. So then a candidate uses spiritual language, and half the elect are deceived.

    Even though I disagree with your politiics (another thread should discuss how people can see the problems facing the country SOOO differently), I respect the way you are making your choices.

  6. From the Wall Stree journal:

    “Last March in Selma, Ala., Mr. Obama appeared on the verge of breaking away from the merchants of black grievance and victimization. At a commemoration of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march for voting rights, he spoke in a King-like voice. He focused on traditions of black sacrifice, idealism and the need for taking personal responsibility for building strong black families and communities. He said black people should never “deny that its gotten better,” even as the movement goes on to improve schools and provide good health care for all Americans. He then challenged black America, by saying that “government alone can’t solve all those problems . . . it is not enough just to ask what the government can do for us — it’s important for us to ask what we can do for ourselves.”

    Mr. Obama added that better education for black students begins with black parents visiting their children’s teachers, as well as turning off the television so children can focus on homework. He expressed alarm over the lack of appreciation for education in the black community: “I don’t know who taught them that reading and writing and conjugating your verbs were something white. We’ve got to get over that mentality.” King, he added later, believed that black America has to first “transform ourselves in order to transform the world.”

    But as his campaign made headway with black voters, Mr. Obama no longer spoke about the responsibility and the power of black America to appeal to the conscience and highest ideals of the nation. He no longer asks black people to let go of the grievance culture to transcend racial arguments and transform the world.

    He has stopped all mention of government’s inability to create strong black families, while the black community accepts a 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate. Half of black and Hispanic children drop out of high school, but he no longer touches on the need for parents to convey a love of learning to their children. There is no mention in his speeches of the history of expensive but ineffective government programs that encourage dependency. He fails to point out the failures of too many poverty programs, given the 25% poverty rate in black America.

    And he chooses not to confront the poisonous “thug life” culture in rap music that glorifies drug use and crime.

    Instead the senator, in a full political pander, is busy excusing Rev. Wright’s racial attacks as the right of the Rev.-Wright generation of black Americans to define the nation’s future by their past. He stretches compassion to the breaking point by equating his white grandmother’s private concerns about black men on the street with Rev. Wright’s public stirring of racial division.

    And he wasted time in his Philadelphia speech on race by saying he can’t “disown” Rev. Wright any more than he could “disown the black community.” No one has asked him to disown Rev. Wright. Only in a later appearance on “The View” television show did he say that he would have left the church if Rev. Wright had not retired and not acknowledged his offensive language.”

    Full article here: online.wsj.com/article/SB120726732176388295.html?mod=opinion_main_commentaries

    Sums it up perfectly for me, and why I think Obama is a stuffed suit. He had his chance and didn’t take. And Ryan, it’s your fault because you’re white and therefore typically racist.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse.

  7. You know Adam this is a great point and one I think I wrote about sometime ago in regards to Bill Cosby. The idea that when the black community is called to own some of their troubles there is a massive backlash against the messenger. Maybe when Obama saw Cosby get murdered he decided to back off a bit.

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