Evolution Proved? Ida The Missing Link?

Not so much.

The frenzy has begun.  Evolutionists are as excited as ever, with some claiming they have found the missing link, though it was hanging on some rich man’s wall for the last few decades before being discovered.  Yet as loud and boisterous hardcore Darwinians want to preach their good news, their evidence is far from conclusive.  The fossil find has been named Ida, and she is far from Cro-Magnon man or any type of missing link.  In reality Ida is a Lemur who seems to display evidence of micro-evolution and not macro-evolution.  What is the difference?  Good question.

Micro-evolution has never been debated, everyone agrees on it.  It is small adaptations over time such a beak becoming more narrow, thick, or sharp depending on what is most advantageous for its environmental needs. The controversy swells around macro-evolution, which claims that entirely new species emerge from other species going all the way back to one common life source (supposedly a pool of simple cells in primordial soup, which requires extreme amounts of faith to believe once you understand that a cell is more complex in structure than even the most complex machines humans can build.)

Truth be told the search for the missing link has been the Holy Grail for Darwinian Naturalists, as even Darwin himself said if the fossil record did not support his theory of gradual transitory change from one species to another over time then his theory of macro-evolution was bankrupt.  So the question is, have we found it?  Well I will let the experts speak here (from AP article).

Experts not connected with the discovery said the finding was remarkably complete because of features like stomach contents. But they questioned the conclusions of Hurum and his colleagues about how closely it is related to ancestors of monkeys and humans.

“I actually don’t think it’s terribly close to the common ancestral line of monkeys, apes and people,” said K. Christopher Beard of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. “I would say it’s about as far away as you can get from that line and still be a primate.”

Rather than a long-ago aunt, “I would say it’s more like a third cousin twice removed,” he said. So it probably resembles ancestral creatures “only in a very peripheral way,” he said.

John Fleagle of the State University of New York at Stony Brook said the scientists’ analysis provides only “a pretty weak link” between the new creature and higher primates, called anthropoids, that includes monkeys and man.

“It doesn’t really tell us much about anthropoid origins, quite frankly,” Fleagle said.

Needless to say, this fossil find is far from the missing link and is more hype than truth.  In reality, Ida’s fossil appears to be really just a Lemur prior to minor adaptions. This could be considered big news if you are a fan of ancient zoology, but has little to do with proving what Darwin set out to explain; the origin of species.

Truth be told the scientists who are announcing Ida are looking for the biggest stage possible and the brightest spotlights they can find to share their interpretation of what they see in the fossil of Ida.  Yet it is far from unbiased proven scientific fact.  Other experts look at Ida and shrug, Why?  Well that is because looking at Ida is like looking at a puffy cloud with friends; one of you might see a oil tanker, and someone else see’s a spaceship.  Far from exact irrefutable proof.

So why all the hype?  Why when I log onto Google this morning is their logo paying homage to this fossil find?  Why is it plastered on every story I can find on the web this morning?  Well that is because this is really not about fossils at all, it is about worldview.  It is about proving that humans are merely animals and that there is nothing unique or transcendent about our existence.  And if that is the case than we free to do as we please, our behavior does not matter, the way we treat others is cosmically inconsequential, and the reality of God is further debunked.  Ida is not about science, Ida will become a worldview flag trumpeting forward secular humanism.


18 Responses

  1. I’ve read almost every news article about “Ida” and almost every blog that mentioned it’s name. I have to say that this one has the best conclusion. I guess we are supposed to swallow everything the media shoves down our throats as absolute truth. Today has proved oppposite…at least in the small culture of free thinking bloggers.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jeremie. I too began to scour all I could find on Ida as soon as the news broke. I thought there could have possibly been something interesting to here instead of a worldview agenda masquerading as science.

  3. yeah, all of these so-called discoveries are found out to be either a hoax or misrepresentations.

    “the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”

    instead of seeking the truth, people are merely gathering around themselves teachers “to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

    but sadly, this type of worldview will invariably lead to mass exterminations, as is confirmed by the historical record.

    we are sick of the satanic media, governments and institutions.

    you are all satanists.

    you wittingly serve and worship your father the devil.

    the only thing you are capable of is to lie, “steal, kill, and destroy.” that is all you know, and all you will ever know.

    stop decieving the people satanists.

  4. Uhhh not sure about exterminations… or where you are going with that. Or with all the satanist talk.

    My big idea was much more modest; Ida is more ancient Lemur than missing link.

  5. Mr. Nigh sounds like a troll to me, who comments on blogs like this to make them look extreme and foolish. Don’t let the door hit you, Mr. Nigh. (Although the media does suck.)

    I happen to believe life evolved, although not in a Darwinian sense. I think the Universe as created by God has the ability to “bring forth”, and early life was simple in form but complex in potential expression. Over time, environmental cues caused new manifestations of that complex potential. Mankind was the first life complex enough to discern the existence of the Creator and to begin to understand faith and reason, the two things that raise man above the other creatures.

    How’s that for crazy, Mr. Nigh?

    • “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

      then God created all the animals, each bringing forth after its kind.

      it cannot bring forth after another kind.

      there is zero evidence for this.

      try breeding a cat and a dog. it will not work.

      take a horse and a donkey, you get a mule.

      the mule is STERILE. it doesnt work.

      each can only bring forth after its kind, not evolve into a different kind. no such thing as macro-evolution, as the article describes.

  6. I have a stone with your name on it for the next time I see you Adam.

  7. Just don’t throw it at my junk, Matt. I am past my prime, but I still have *some* pride.

  8. Something tells me that I would still lose a swing jumping contest

  9. What is a swing jumping contest?

  10. Oh Mr. Nigh, well done. I never said cats and dogs could breed. Nor does anyone else. Please confine your arguments to a subject that is up for debate. In fact, even could dogs and cats breed, it would not necessarily be evidence for macroevolution anyway.

    Did you miss the part where I said I reject Darwin’s hypothesis?

    If you breed your argument with Darwin’s, it too, like the mule, will be sterile.

    (See, being weird and incoherent isn’t that hard. Being orderly and rational is.)

    • getting dogs and cats to breed would be far more reasonable and rational than any kind of evolutionary theory, Darwinian or otherwise.

      • OK, you win.

      • good, a concession, that’s all i was after lol.

        no, seriously, it would be much more likely to have a successful breeding of two separate species, than for life to evolve into “new manifestations” of complex potential.

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