A Response to Ryan

Hey Ryan I believe you left this at Senator Obama’s house. Apparently he doesn’t need it, not only has he reached his quota from the press, but from Evangelicals as well. He does however want to extend his gratitude for you and all the other young evangelicals who have given him one.

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And he said that your subscription to this magazine is complete and thanks you for your joining in.

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4 Responses

  1. oh snaps. matt, i don’t even know you but this has to be the best thing on the internet right now. props to you. sorry ryan.

  2. Once again that was Sara not Brad …although it is a funny post i do admit that.

  3. This just highlights the old saying, “video killed the radio star.” The ironic part here is that Matt is substituting concrete argumentation and idea for imagery. This is ironic because even though Wright’s crazy remarks were in publication and known as far back as last September, but the blowup in the national media began once we had video/images of it.

    As my professor Dr. Groothuis would say, this just shows how we let image and cleverness, trump solid argument. Because in politics, “The makeup person is more important than the speech writer” JP Moreland.

    My consolation is that I know Adam will at least tear me a new one based on the content of my post and arguments, that I can live with.

    Of course I already told most of this to Matt over the phone and would also just add two things.

    1. The content of my post makes it clear I am not giving him a “pass” so Matt’s humor is a gross caricature of my comments.
    2. This is very funny and made me laugh.

  4. Video killed the radio star, and made him hilarious too. I spewed baby carrots on my computer screen, Matt. Thank you, and thank you.

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