LOST – acting like a newly married man

And I am left as the overly unsatisfied wife.

What has made LOST so wonderful in past seasons is its willingness to engage in foreplay. Not getting to the big shabang too quickly, dancing around the main ideas, developing smaller scenarios while giving us tastes of what to expect. But this season, I feel like my wife must have felt for the first few months of marriage. Seriously, I am desperately missing the LOST that wanted to tease me and leave me wanting more. This season has just been episode after episode of pump and run, big reveal after big reveal.

We just found out Mr. Whitmore was behind the coup on the island a few episodes ago, and already we know he is in a figurative chess match with Ben over the Island. Really J.J. Abrahms, really? This kind of reveal would have been saved for a series finale. We know you finished the storyline and have a deadline for flushing it out, but the rate of reveal lately has been so out of character with the norm the show has previously established.

Here the possible reasons I have conceived to explain what’s going on:

– The storyline is really this bad. What made the show great before was the building of characters and the ambiguity of the unknown. So all you emerging folks interested in the overarching story over the smaller connecting points, that idea is only valid if the overarching story doesn’t suck.

– Lost was having budget cuts and and to use the same people who wrote season 6 of 24.

– They are speeding things up because they want to show us the “Oceanic Six” and Ben getting back to the Island. This would be incredibly captivating and still allow for ambiguity. I am really hoping for this one, but am not optimistic.

– The flow of the show started slow like a snowball falling, but such as it goes further downhill does the momentum picks up, so has the shows storyline. Under this scenario we should expect this pace to continue, if not speed up as we head towards the series finale.

Now I am not saying that I am not enjoying the show. I am. But like a newly married woman, I just thought there would be more.

So LOST, can we at least cuddle?