THE SHACK…Review Coming and some links in the meantime

As soon as I have some free time I intend to write my review of The Shack. I promised my Twitter followers that it was coming yesterday. Sorry, all of my free time this week is going to painting and flooring.

In the meantime, you can read Bob’s great review here.

Also, if you did not catch Driscoll’s series on prayer it is really good. Even though it won’t literally earthshaking for you as it was for Ryan, it is still really good. And here is a video for his new book, Death By Love.



2 Responses

  1. Hey- thanks Matt!

    I actually have been meaning to do an epilogue to my review and talk about two issues- one from the book and one from the man-
    Does God judge?
    And what about Young’s universalism…

    I’m taking vacation this week to watch my daughter get born- I’m not sure if that will mean more or less writing time 🙂

  2. Ryan (I know this was a Matt post, but it is related to Ryan’s comment on Tim Challies’ review of The Shack). Here is Ryan’s comment (between the lines)

    Tim really enjoyed the review. I read the book last week and came away with many of the same thoughts. The only point I would challenge you on is that forgiveness requires repentance. I think Christians are called to absolute forgiveness, there is no room for bitterness in our hearts, that is why forgiveness is as much about the one forgiving as the one who receives it.

    It is also us saying that justice is in the hands of God and we need to move on. Forgiveness does not mean we forget and let a person wrong us again, but it does mean we extend grace and give forgiveness. You can see this most clearly in Jesus crying out on the Cross for God to forgive those who were murdering him. Even though these people were in no way seeking repentance in anyway.

    You seem to make the common error of confusing forgiveness with things like bitterness. And was Jesus forgiving or was he praying to the Father to forgive? (Is forgiving someone who doesn’t want or think they need it actually an insult? …) Would you be willing to critique a different view on this? If so, here is a link:

    No pressure… if you have the time and interest …

    Be Strong and Courageous!

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