Time In Seattle

On our vaction we were fortunate enough to get to spend two days in Seattle before setting out on our Cruise.  During our time in Seattle we stayed at the swanky Westin, which was within walking distance to Pikes Market.

We were on the 23rd floor.

Upon Matt’s recommendation we went to Pike’s Brewery and I ordered the beer sampler.  The beer was excellent but I ended up dropping one on my lap.  My father in-law found this hilarious and did everything he could to draw attention to it as we walked around Pikes Market for the next hour.  Don’t worry I got him back later in the week by sending a room service order to his room that included about 12 cups of juice and 9 boxes of cereal.

Most of the rest of our time we spent just doing regular tourist activities in the downtown area.  For example his is my beautiful wife at the famous fish market.

We also got a chance to visit the Red Hook Brewery where Crystal and I had toured with Matt and Vicky a few years ago.  Without Matt there though, I abstained from the beer float and and engaging in any digital camera wars.

Overall, I was reminded what a beautiful city Seattle is.  While its downtown is loaded with wonderful things to do and great things to see, it still is clean, somewhat spacious, and not nearly as fast paced as many other metropolitan areas.  The culture seems to wear a disposition of individuality and free thinking.  I witnessed a number of protests/demonstrations (though no one seemed to be interested in them).  Even the homeless crowd seemed a little bit more laid back in its panhandling, except for one guy who followed me around and kept muttering “F@$k you snow cone.”  I do not think he even wanted money, just to wanted to issue strong imperatives to passerbys.

I will try and get to our actual cruise in the next day or so.