Nerd Narnia

Just like the world job market culture is becoming increasingly specialized, so has our social networks.  The internet has made it possible for the most niche interests to link up with hoards of others for fellowship.  I usually consider myself to be pretty culturally adept, but even sometimes I find myself completely befuddled by the vast array of sub-cultures in our country.

Recently I got schooled by my sister Kammi on the culture of World of War Craft or as I guess it is known to insiders, WOW.  I guess there are close to 20 million people in the United States who play this game.  Often these people devote their entire lives to it.

Well this morning as I entered my house of worship (Starbucks) I came across a table of WOW players who had decided to meet up and talk strategy.  I could not help but sit down at the table next to them and listen to their convo.  It was amazing.  A group of people gathering to discuss strategy in a virtual world.  It was truly a Nerd Narnia.  They had entered into their own magic wardrobe and left this world behind for another.

Relationally, I have no idea where to even begin with people like this.  I would probably just marvel at their geekdom and have this look of shock on my face.  Fortunately God has equipped people to reach WOW enthusiasts.  My sister Kammi is one of them, as she has hosted dinners, and social events to connect with these people in the last few months.  I know the apostle Paul told us to become all things to all people but I think Nerd Narnia is beyond my capacities.