This Is Huge. UNLV Gets Top Guard Anthony Marshall

I know that no one cares about UNLV basketball posts, except for Matt and I, but I believe this is arguably the biggest recruit signing for UNLV this decade.  Not because Anthony Marshall is a LeBron James or something, but this signing is the exclamation point that UNLV has arrived.  Now some may point to Wink as being our biggest get this decade, and I would agree that based on his performance that could be the case.  But I am strictly talking about recruiting here, and recruiting is all about momentum and image.  UNLV has now demonstrated that it can get quality transfers, and big name recruits.  After this year’s recruiting class, it will no longer be laughable to think that UNLV can compete with UCLA or Arizona for the best players in the west.  Marshall in many ways is a tipping point, that places UNLV on a larger stage in the recruiting world than it has been on in a long time.  Lon has truly got this program back on track.

Here is the story in the Las Vegas Sun.

Marshall is a top 50 recruit and a Las Vegas local, he has a high basketball IQ, great leadership ability, and all the physical skills you could ever want in a point guard or shooting guard.  But more than that is what Marshall symbolizes for UNLV.  UNLV has quickly been climbing back onto the national stage in the last few years and carving out an identity of a well coached, high energy, defensive team.  Big name recruits all around the country have begun to take notice and want to play for the basketball guru Lon Kruger.  They have seen how he can transform raw, mediocre talent into solid NBA players.  And getting to the NBA is what really attracts top high school talent.  When a coach demonstrates that they consistently know how to make that happen kids want to play there.

Marshall, who was being recruited by all the top programs in the country decided to stay home and play for UNLV (which is a major accomplishment in keeping top LV high school players in town) because he knows what Lon can do for him, and for his future.  Factoring in that UNLV has also pulled in UCLA 4 star transfer Chace Stanback, and 4 star Kentucky transfer Derrick Jasper in the last few months, UNLV is primed to become one of the dominant west coast basketball programs in the country.

I could not be more excited for the upcoming season, as we will get to finally see Beas Hamga and Willis, but the future looks even brighter!  Go UNLV.



5 Responses

  1. I completely agree but I don’t know if this is the biggest recruit this decade. I do definitely agree that his kid signing with UNLV signifies that UNLV has finally turned that corner as has been evident by the recruiting this summer. UNLV has appeared on the recruiting list of multiple top 100 players and Carlos Lopez came in at #101 in the last Rivals list which I’m sure will only go higher in his senior year. I can’t wait for basketball season to start!!!!

  2. Hey Omar I tried to more fully explain why I think Marshall is our biggest pickup this decade. I wrestled with making this statement because obviously Beas was huge, but his recruitment was a little unorthodox. Marshall is a kid that UNLV has been on for years along with other major programs. So to be them out is huge for us going into the future.

  3. I think this is a crucial pick up because it proves that Kruger and staff can keep some of the local talent in Vegas and not have an episone of what happened at Illinois where they lost D Rose to Memphis, and Eric Gordon to Indiana. I would have liked to see ClarenceTrent or Elijah Johnson land here as well but I am definitely happy to have Anthony in the program.

  4. its about time we got a good coach at UNLV to keep the good talent here….vegas been slipping and most of our high school counselors suck because they need to make sure athletes take the right subjects to move on d-1….because most of the good coaches are gone and these coaches nowadays dont no how to market there star athletes peace……..CHEY-TOWN FINEST CLASS96 ”ADH”


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