I love the Olympics

I don’t know why but put the Olympics on TV and I will watch it non-stop.  I do not care if it is fencing or water polo, I am enthralled.  And if the USA is competing than I am even more interested.  Part of it is the grandiose stage, part of it, is the history, and part of it is nationalistic patriotism that the Olympics fosters in me.  I even check frequently throughout the day to see the medal count (right now the USA is second to China 14 to 12).

So how about you, do you like the Olympics?  If so, what is your favorite event to watch?  So far mine has been Volleyball.  It is non-stop action, incredible athleticism and the speed at which they spike the ball is amazing.  It is truly great TV.




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  1. I love the Olympics too. I wish I had all 58 channels (or however many there are) that NBC airs coverage on, and DVR so I could record what I couldn’t see and watch it later. So far I’ve enjoyed swimming the most, probably because I only get one NBC channel (if my rabbit ears are set just right I can see almost pretty clearly), and that channel has been swim-heavy. Sunday night’s men’s 4x100m freestyle relay was absolutely amazing. I think swimming, track, and gymnastics tend to be my favorites, though I’ll watch anything.

    P.S. Future plans? I’m curious.

  2. I love it watching it too. Anytime I’m home, I’ll always tune in to NBC if they’re airing the games. I also keep on refreshing the medal count. But there’s something that I notice. I think the official medal counting by the olympic comitee is to see which country has the most gold medal count, if tied, then silver medals are counted, and bronze followed, not by the total number of medals. I’m not sure, I may be wrong.

  3. Jake,

    You can watch all the events on demand online, even if you missed the “live” showing.

    Tell your wife I’m sorry for telling you this.

    As for me, I will watch every possible basketball game. I also have a hard time stopping it once I watch. I just rarely turn it on.

  4. Uh, Matt I think that is not Jake Keck, but rather my buddy Jake from seminary.

  5. Does he have a wife? If so my comment stands. If not, then perhaps it can stand as a prophetic blessing. Unless he has the gift of singleness, by which he won’t be bothered by it.

    I feel okay with this.

  6. He does indeed have a wife, and his wife would probably be just as angry at you for telling him more ways he can watch TV. So your comments stands.

  7. I heart the olympics, as well. i compare it to my excitement around christmas time. i could watch swimming non stop (i love phelps!), but i love volleyball (how dominant has the womens’ beach volleyball team been? seriously) and gymnastics too. i, too, got sucked into some sports i would never watch except during the olympics on saturday morning. it was incredible and i’m not sorry. i even watched weightlifting on sunday and it was the most intense thing i’d ever seen! incredible.

    the truth is i had a hard time turning off the olympics last night to finish season 2 of lost.

    oh, this is sara just in case anyone was confused. don’t want to tarnish brad’s reputation on the internet!

  8. I’ll add a vote for the typical swimming and gymnastics…and of course seeing the “redeem team.” But last night’s synchronized diving was great – while every other team exhibited absolute concentration and focus…the Americans stood on the diving board giggling and trying not to laugh about something…so proud! They, of course, lost…but apparently had fun meanwhile.

  9. I have to say the synchronized diving has annoyed me. Maybe because every time I see it I just can’t believe that this passes as an Olympic sport and softball is being tossed out!? I just have a problem with golf and softball being out, but two dudes in their underwear jumping on a diving board being in.

  10. Jake Keck here. Already knew about the nbc olympics thing, but first I would have to get my wife off of there so I can have a turn. We both love it. There hasn’t been a night yet that I haven’t tuned in to see what was crackin. I love it and couldn’t be more proud of the men and women who represent the red, white and blue. GO USA!!!!

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