I’ve Made My Choice For President

Well we have had some of th most spirited and intense debate on the blog in the last week about politics, economics.  It has made for a fun and interesting week that really required me to do some thinking about how I am going to cast my vote for President.

With so much to consider and having sat on the fence for so long about who I would vote for I read numerous articles this weekend weighing all the issues, but after seeing this I have finally made up my mind.  I think after you see this you to will be convinced who the right man for the job is.



8 Responses

  1. haha scary and funny all mixed into one.

  2. So you are voting for Ralph Nader?

  3. Third parties? (“Go ahead. Throw your vote away.” – The Simpsons.)

  4. I knew it would come to that. At the end, it all comes to that.

  5. Your funny…that made me laugh 🙂

  6. I didn’t get it. When Matt got home last night I told him that you didn’t make any sense, then he explained it to me.

    Hahahaha–you are very funny!

  7. Don’t worry Vicky, Crystal read it last night to and then watched the video and did not get it. Though I do think she liked the song…

  8. Do you know the origins of that trick? Very seedy, and from China. Originally the “Duck Roll”, but made awesomer by Americans.

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