Barack Obama Will Be President

If you have watched any of the debates so far you know that Barack Obama will be our next President.  The polls clearly show Obama pulling away, and the electoral map is virtually screaming an Obama landslide.

With the worsening economy and the overall negative vibe in our nation we are hungry for…( I can’t even stomach the word anymore but you know what I am talking about.)  The only thing I can compare it to is the anxiousness for something new that a high school senior feels about getting away from home.

I had anticipated that the debates would be more informative but in large part both candidates “are what I thought they were.”  With the economy going down faster than NHL popularity, there is a real move toward Obama and his favorable economic policies toward the middle class and the poor.  People are angry, and rightfully so at the corporate world.  They feel as if they have been jipped in a system that perpetually rewards the rich and leaves them empty handed.  It makes no difference if you think these sentiments are true, this is how people FEEL and that is what matters most when people vote.

With McCain sinking in the polls the only thing he can do is go dirty.  He can try and link Obama to terrorism or use manipulative statements about Obama’s tax voting record.  Either way, McCain is not at his best when he is going negative, it just does not fit him.  It makes him come off as small and disingenuous.  Not to mention that he does this creepy laugh when he throws his punches and gets a bit flustered, which leads him to calling Obama “that one.”

So mark it down folks on November 4, our new President-elect will be Barack Obama.  Game over.