John Calvin on 1 Timothy 5:8

Many pastors like to use 1 Timothy 5:8 to build upon the theology that a man must be the material provider for his home. While this is a theology I ascribe to, it was pointed out to me (by a really close friend) recently that 1 Timothy 5:8 does not in fact support this theology. Perhaps John Calvin says it best,

has translated it, “If any woman do not provide for her own,” making it
apply exclusively to females. But I prefer to view it as a general
statement; for it is customary with Paul, even when he is treating of
some particular subject, to deduce arguments from general principles,
and, on the other hand, to draw from particular statements a universal
doctrine. And certainly it will have greater weight, if it apply both
to men and to women.

If it is applied to both men and women can we really use it to support husband as the sole provider? What do you think?


Terror In The Garden of Gethsemane

My Soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.  Stay here and keep watch with me.  Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed… Matthew 26:38-39

Jesus’ darkest most terrifying moment ever led him to prayer.  I read these words tonight in the book of Matthew and they jumped off the pages and right to my soul.  Sweating blood, complete sorrow, and succumbing to fear, Jesus prays.  He prays for me, he prays for you.  He has been through 33 years of this thing called life and knows how hard it can be.  He identifies with us.  He has been tempted, rejected, mocked, loved, misunderstood, hungry, thirsty, and every other experience that a human can have.  But now the time has come.  Jesus must go to to the Cross.

He is truly terrified, more terrified and scared than any human has ever been, because he is about take on the sins of us all.  God is not esoteric, or a far removed from Jesus’ desperation but his only comfort.

God reigns in the most horrific and terrifying moments of our lives.  He is are able and loving Father whom we can always go to.  Moments of suffering and terror will come you way, notice I did not say “if” because to be human is to suffer, its really just a matter of when.

I pray that like our Savior Jesus we too would turn Abba.