24 Season 7

Tony is back … WTF? Tony is a bad guy … WTF?

(head spinning, so confused)

So, now 24 pulls a “LOST” on us a brings back someone from the dead. Or, they go soap opera on us and Tony has a twin brother who was acting in his name.


Tony is being blackmailed to do this against his will. Which, usually allows for the plot twist around episode 18-20 when you find out that the guy you thought was the head of the terrorist activity was working for someone else. Now how they explain him not dying, well there’s where suspended belief takes on a whole new level.

The real problem:

They will never be able to top Season 5. It was phenomenal.

Last season they had the pressure of living up to it, so they busted out the nuke. Which made the first four hours compelling. So as far as I’m concerning, Season 6 only lasted 4 hours. That’s how I justify last season.

This season they have the pressure of knowing that last season was so horrible, die hard fans are questioning the show. Added to the pressure of LOST being phenomenal, and Heroes stealing the Monday spotlight.

Now, they make Tony a bad guy, and I am forced to either: hope that it isn’t him (soap opera Tony) and lose faith in the show; hope that he is being blackmailed and lose faith in the show (bringing him back from the dead).

This sucks. I blame Tyrone Willingham. First ruining Notre Dame for Charlie Weiss, and now this. When will he stop?


4 Responses

  1. Matt great find here. Yeah season 5 of 24 is possibly the greatest season of a television show ever. It was in many ways the apex of the first four seasons all coming together. While I know 24 is contracted for at least two more seasons after this one, this will be a make or break year. Last year it suffered a Miami Shaq, going from best show on TV to just one of the better shows on TV.

    Now LOST will find itself in a defining moment as well, as last year it took the mantle for best show on TV, and have possibly the best season ending episodes I have ever seen. Will LOST be able to build off of that or will it fizzle out? Though the TV season begins in September, though only great show on TV right now is “The Office” so the real TV season will begin in February when both LOST and 24 kick off.

  2. And no reference to the Ty Willingham joke? I guess that only makes sense if you read the “Forde Yard Dash” on ESPN.com each week. He makes fun of the Notre Dame fans by perpetually blaming Willingham for various natural disasters (in light of there constantly calling what’s going on a Notre Dame his fault). Good times.

    I actually think 24 will do okay this year. Other than the ridiculous “Tony” part it does appear that they have scaled back. That will be a good thing.

    As far as LOST. I just don’t know. The thing I love about LOST is that they keep winning me when I can’t possibly believe the story line. I am always ready to go, “alright, this is just freaking crazy”, and then they pull back the curtain and I’m still in. How in the world do they get us to not be overly depressed at how it all ends? Here’s what I’m hoping they do: INSTEAD OF DOING BACK STORIES LIKE THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE, THEY NOW ONLY DO FUTURE STORIES. SO basically, the rest of the shows look like the season finale. That would be cool.

  3. Tony Almeida rises from the dead? What the heck? Is Michelle coming back too? I thought Jack was the only one that was allowed to have 20 lives! I agree with you guys with the 5th season being the best. I have watched them all in order and it seemed like every year was getting better and better with the 5th season leaving me on the edge. The 6th was like what happened?, still a good show but didnt fit into my “man did you see that last episode!” file. Anyway havent jumped on the LOST bandwagon but THE OFFICE is the best. That show never gets old!

  4. Draper if you love Jesus and yourself go rent LOST right now. Stop reading, go.

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