What Happened To You Starbucks?

Here is a recent “Starbucks Experience” I had from the moment I walked in the door.

Barista: Hey! I got your cranberry bliss bar and venti eggnog latte all ready for you.

Me: uhh, I just want coffee

Barista: Are you sure? How about trying an apple turnover and gingerbread latte?

Me: just coffee

Barista: Why not get a pound to take with you, and a grinder?

Me: uh just coffee

Barista: Oh well why don’t you buy a whole tray of cranberry bliss bars to take with you to work?

Me: I do not like cranberry bliss bars, just coffee

Barista: Well alright, and lets just throw a ten dollar gift card with that for a friend!

Me: Lets not, I just want coffee

Barista: Have a nice day

Me: (walking away shaking my head)

I just want to know what happened to my beloved Starbucks? We have had such a meaningful, close relationship for going on ten years, what went wrong? I guess I knew this day would come, when the shareholders would get to you and demand bigger and bigger profits, and you would foresake me for their unruly demands. Well I will miss you Starbucks as you grow up and transition into just another chain. I know this happened a long time ago but I was blinded by love. sigh.

UPDATE:  My co-workers at the seminary bookstore are funny people.  After I told them of this encounter they decided to bring me a cranberry bliss bar for lunch today.  And yes after I eating the whole thing I still do not like cranberry bliss bars.  And if you are wondering why I ate the whole thing even though I did not like it then see the name of this blog.