On the boat err… ship

First rule of being on a cruise is do not call it a “boat”  people get agitated and remind you that it is a “ship.”  I am not sure where the transition between boat and ship is but there is a difference.  The ship we were on was about 1000 feet long 109 feet wide and 14 stories tall.

Don’t worry Zoolander fans the real boat was at least three times bigger than this!

As soon as we got on board my crowdaphobia began to kick in so I ran for the very back of the boat to just stare at the Seattle skyline.

Soon after getting on board we went to a steakhouse they had on the ship called Cagney’s.  Basically the deal was that you pay twenty dollars and you can have as much as you want of anything on the menu.  So I proceeded to indulge in the main ritual of cruising, overeating.  Here is what I ordered, and it does not matter if I ate it all or not.  Colossal shrimp cocktail, Lobster bisque soup, 10oz fillet Mignon, Alaskan king crab legs, lobster tail, mashed potatoes, and molten lava chocolate cake with french press coffee.  Whew!  I am tired after typing all of that.  Here is a phota from this epic meal.

I had to teach Crystal that you don’t eat the shell! Just kidding.

After that meal I was suffering from serious food coma, so I knew we had to walk around the ship and explore, otherwise I would’ve gone back to my room and ended up hibernating for the next two days.

Here is the view once we hit open sea.

This is the very front of the ship, which I know there is a technical name but front of the ship is fine with me.

Here is my lovely wife watching me climb up the pole and warning me about the dangers of gravity if I fall.  She also is holding the gourmet coffee they served at the cruise ship coffee bar; it was called LavAzza, which I think is Italian for “crappy.”  This was only compounded by the terrible service of the employees at the coffee bar who thought “large coffee” meant “Americano”  after the second day I just gave up and drank the Americano.

Here I am hanging out at the back of the ship with my brother in-law Daniel.  It was one of the more peaceful places because of the chilly temps, which personally I enjoyed.  In the photo I am also eating some of the food from the cruise buffet which was classic prime rib theory, in fact I had both Daniel and Crystal point this out to me, as we would return to the buffet day after day hoping it would not be as bad as the day before.

As we set sail form Seattle we spent a whole day at sea so the whole family decided to spend the day at the spa.  I know go ahead and ask for my man card, but if your on a ship were the only pool and hot tub are outside filled with hundreds of little kids splashing around in 40 degree weather, you would go to the spa as well.  Here are some photos.

This pool was supposed to relax your muscles or something but I just enjoyed it because it was splashing free.  Of course swimming is a tiring activity so I then had to spend some serious nap time on a hot tile bed.  What is that?  I am still not sure but it comfy.

After a full day at sea I awoke early the next morning to head out onto the deck and read my Bible and pray for awhile.  We were finally in Alaska and here are some of the majestic views I saw.

So that’s it for now.  I still have much more to chronicle about our actual time in Alaska and what we did there.  If you tired of my posts about my vacation bear with me, my mom probably loves it and is a good way for me to show my family what I did instead of just saying “it was awesome.”


Time In Seattle

On our vaction we were fortunate enough to get to spend two days in Seattle before setting out on our Cruise.  During our time in Seattle we stayed at the swanky Westin, which was within walking distance to Pikes Market.

We were on the 23rd floor.

Upon Matt’s recommendation we went to Pike’s Brewery and I ordered the beer sampler.  The beer was excellent but I ended up dropping one on my lap.  My father in-law found this hilarious and did everything he could to draw attention to it as we walked around Pikes Market for the next hour.  Don’t worry I got him back later in the week by sending a room service order to his room that included about 12 cups of juice and 9 boxes of cereal.

Most of the rest of our time we spent just doing regular tourist activities in the downtown area.  For example his is my beautiful wife at the famous fish market.

We also got a chance to visit the Red Hook Brewery where Crystal and I had toured with Matt and Vicky a few years ago.  Without Matt there though, I abstained from the beer float and and engaging in any digital camera wars.

Overall, I was reminded what a beautiful city Seattle is.  While its downtown is loaded with wonderful things to do and great things to see, it still is clean, somewhat spacious, and not nearly as fast paced as many other metropolitan areas.  The culture seems to wear a disposition of individuality and free thinking.  I witnessed a number of protests/demonstrations (though no one seemed to be interested in them).  Even the homeless crowd seemed a little bit more laid back in its panhandling, except for one guy who followed me around and kept muttering “F@$k you snow cone.”  I do not think he even wanted money, just to wanted to issue strong imperatives to passerbys.

I will try and get to our actual cruise in the next day or so.