I used to lead a young adults group called Renovation.  If I was still leading that group I would have about 643 illustrations of the pains, frustrations, and unexpected problems that come up during the renovating process.

A few months ago Crystal and I decided to renovate all of our bathrooms.  We took a tile class, made a materials list, created a budget, and recruited Crystal’s dad to fly out and help us for a whole week.  We are putting in new tile floors, bathroom vanities, counter tops, sinks, and faucets.  Eventually we will also end up painting two out of the three bathrooms also.

I am taking lots of photos of the process and will post some on here in the coming days, and God willing the completed project when we are done.  For now I will just say that however much time and money you think it will take you to do renovations at your home, double it. Then bank on the unexpected happening as well, beause it will.

Good times.



Lovin Your Momma

I have never been a mom, but I have met a lot of them, and I have a mom that I love very much.

Its really not an easy job.  Mom’s have more to do than even the busiest CEO in America.  They are responsible for so much.  Often though mom’s go unappreciated and we forget just what an eternal impact being a mom has on all of us.  Being a mom is one of the greatest things in life that a woman can be, and every mom deserves our appreciation and love.  This is why we all should make sure we are doing all we can to love our momma’s.

In John 19 we see a theology of lovin your momma.  As Jesus is dying, suffering like no human ever has, he is still concerned that his mom is cared for.  Jesus’ mom Mary is a widow and is going through pain second only to Jesus’ as she watches him get crucified, so Jesus makes sure that Mary will be loved and cared for once he is gone and tells John to care for her.  Following in Jesus’ example here are some practical steps for loving your mom.

1.  Tell your mom what you love about her.  Verbally say to your mom what it is you love about her.  Mom’s love to hear this stuff and it should be our joy to share it with them.

2.  Give your mom a hug.  Your mom used to clean your tushy, tuck you in at night, and possibly even breast feed you.  As mom’s innately are physically nurturing to their children and  we should remember to reciprocate that love and physical affection when we can.  I know when I give my mom a hug; especially because I see her so infrequently, she tears up and feels loved.

3.  Be accepting and generous to your mom.  All mom’s are unique and most can be a little quirky, but truth is you only get one.  As we get older some of us shift into thinking about how we can get by with as little as possible with our mom’s.  But your mom was there for you when you were most vulnerable and in need, make sure your there for her to.  Love your mom even if she has not been the best mom, because Jesus has loved you when you deserved nothing but scorn.

4.  Listen and bring honor to your mom.  Take time to hear what your mom is interested in and what is going on in her life.  Bring honor to her in that she is proud to be your mom and that when she sees your number pop up on the caller ID or you walking up the driveway there is a sense of excitement and joy.

Mom’s are special and they teach us much about God’s character.  They also are gifts from God and provide us a unique special relationship unlike any other you will ever have on this planet.


Back From Alaska

Wow what an amazing week I have had.  I just got off the cruise ship and am sitting in Pikes Market in Seattle.  Here is a photo.

I was blessed to see some of the most beautiful sights in God’s creation.  I will be sure to post many more photos in the coming days, since we took close to 500!  But for now here is one of Crystal and I in Glacier Bay.


The Return of Great TV

Jake Keck this is for you. I would have simply emailed this to you, but sometimes I have to justify having a blog.

American Gladiators’ Returns


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Good call Lost, good call

Well since our blog has turned into a pop culture reference site (which I am cool with) I thought I would comment on Lost deciding to set an end date for the TV series.

So why the need to set an end date for the program?  Let me explain by way of analogy.  We all know that guy who found that great girl that they fell head over heals for.  You know the type of girl you would stay up all night with talking at Starbucks.  They begin dating and the relationship is fantastic, they relate well, they enjoy each other’s company, and just love being with one and other.  This guy is more than willing to just let their relationship go on like this indefinitely, but she is not.  She wants to know what the end game is, where is this relationship headed?  Well sadly, the guy just shrugs his shoulders mumbles some stuff about how he is happy with the way things are and just wants to keep living day to day.  This story always ends the same way, she will try and wait him out, then get frustrated and eventually they are headed for splitsville.  What happened?

Well the guy in this analogy is ABC network.  They would like to just keep stringing the girl along ( the viewer) but eventually we want some resolution.  The only TV program that can avoid this is situation is pro wrestling, and soap operas but they would fall into the “tease” catagory, lots of promise, but never fully deliver.  Think about it, why do we love sports?  Because there is drama, suspense and then in the end a climactic victory/resolution, such as the NCAA tourney.

Well Lost was able to string us along for close to 2 1/2 seasons before many starting jumping ship because they just sensed there was never going to be an ending.  Its to bad this has happened to because Lost has brought it like never before this last half of the season.  And as hard as it is for me to admit this, it has become the best show on TV (sorry Jack Bauer you will always have a special place in my heart).  So for all of you who may have given up on Lost because you thought it never would commit, COME BACK!! The next three, and final seasons will be some of the best in TV history I promise you.

Things I have actually said to Tucker this last week.

Because I spend my life holed up in my office working on this paper, I spend crazy amounts of time home alone in isolation with no one to rant to except my dog.  He usually is very supportive of my paper writing process as he lays underneath my desk on top of my feet for hours on end.  Then when I need a break I get his tennis ball and throw it down the stairs and make him go fetch it, over and over, so far I have gotten him to do it 16 times before he refused to come back upstairs.

Occasionally, as I am screwing around on the internet I find something that blows my lid and I have no one to tell except Tucker.  He will usually perk up and listen intently for a few words he knows such as; sit, lay down, walk, hungry, or ball.  If I do not say those words I am sure he is just happy I am not a crazy person who is going to beat him.  So here are a few of the things I have said to him.

1.  “Tucker, can you believe that Ms. Spears has done the impossible?  Made K-Fed look like the more fit parent for a young child.”  I mean hell, you can not tell me that if you had a child and you had to leave them for the weekend with brittney or Kevin, you would leave them with brittney.  Hell no, I would be going to K-fed in a heartbeat.

2.  “Tucker, why do Broncos players keep dying?”  This is sad, but if I had a “my name is Earl theology”  I would think someone in the Broncos organization really did something awful in the recent past.

3.  “Tucker can you believe that news stations have aired over 114,000 Anna Nicole Smith segments since her death?”  Yeah this is just pathetic, I mean a crazy ex-playmate dies and we (America) gather like vultures to garner pleasure from this story.

4.  “Tucker can you believe the guy from Titanic found Jesus!”  Now this is just fun to tell people, it makes it out as if Mr. Cameron has come to love Jesus, but this is not the case, he simple has refuted the resurrection and  make a lot of money in the process.  There really is a deep undercurrent in our culture right now that is anti-Christian.

5.  “Tucker can you believe that the Knicks might make the playoffs!”  This is truly astounding, and I think Isaiah should get to punch Simmons in the face if they do.  I think that would be fair, and I would pay to see it.  Now who is the depraved vulture that wants to get entertainment from the suffering of others.

6.  “Tucker I know you can hear this, but Andy Stanley is doing a great job with the series on temptation called Pause.”  Yeah, Yeah this is just as bad as Steve McCoy admiting to digging Nick Lachey, and Ashley Simpson.  But I gotta be honest, his series has actually be very good and even convicting for me to listen to.  He does a good job at being missional, confrontational, and pastorally loving all at the same time.  Go Stanly.

So yeah this are things my dog and I have been talking about.  He tends to agree with me to often, even when I am sure I am wrong.