A Matt Update…

Took my boy to his first UNLV Runnin’ Rebel Basketball game on Sat.

We handled the Utah Runnin’ Utes (yes, they stole our cool nickname) in front of over 10,000 fans.

Notice I did not take Lorelai. That is because I have heeded the unintentional warning of Devin Hudson (6 junior high girls basketball games in 4 days!) and decided she will be taken to ballets instead.

All in all life has been pretty crazy lately. I have a lot to write about but very little time to write. I plan to write a post later this week about my church on this blog, and a post about Family Legacy on my family blog.

Please keep us in prayer as Vicky and I learn how to emotionally and physically handle caring for 2 infants.

Oh, and Ryan has a seminary degree now (congrats!!!) but refuses to use it (booooo!!!). Pray that he will repent. Also, feel free to rebuke him if you feel led.



Does Mark Driscoll Have A Twin?

I was watching Sportscenter and the showed a picture of uber-talented Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain.  I swore when I saw him I thought they had mistakingly showed an image of Mark Driscoll.  Is it just me or do they look just alike?


On Not Being Mark Driscoll

Well, because, for a while there, I thought I was. Or at least the Mark Driscoll of Vegas. See the problem was, like most young church ministry men, I thought that I had to be a driven, type-A, over the top capital D “dude.” I am not that dude.

I am a walking contradiction. Two people know this better than any others: Ryan and Vicky. One of there favorite pastimes is to start talking about how crazy and contradictory I am. To explain:

I am not driven, but… I am extremely passionate, but … not consistently. Just with a few things some of the time. As Vicky once said, “Matt, you only care about the things you care about.”

I am not type-A (meaning I am type-B), but … I am extremely entrepreneurial. I am hell bent on ruling the world, I just need an administrative assistant.

I am not focused, but … I am over the top. Finding a balance in this is terribly difficult, and I am beginning to embrace it.

I am not a captial D “dude”, but … I seem to have many men of this nature as friends who respect what I say. Which has got me wondering about my place in the church. Perhaps as a theologian and a purveyor of theological wisdom for the benefit of the body (note: thinking this is your call means your call starts later in life. So if this is in fact my “calling” then I am called to do the necessary work over the next decade or two to get there. Did I mention I lack patience yet?)

People are not captivated by my visions, but … I am a dreamer, and this is the Prime Rib Theory.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I am incredibly neurotic/anal and am very organizationally minded, but too lazy to even care about the things I am anal about half the time. Yeah, I’m no Mark Driscoll, but neither are most of you.

Anything to add Ryan?


The Wrong Question

People always ask me if I am a self-starter.

Hell Yeah, I am the most kick-ass self-starter you’ll ever meet.

Only the reality is that they don’t mean self-starter. Here’s what they should ask:

“Okay so your really good and starting many things, how about finishing them?”

Shit, I suck at that. I get all these different things going, get stressed out by them and then write a blog.

Speaking of which, I have two four page assignments that both need an extra page left to do. Rockstar #2 here I come.


Firefox Extensions


I love Firefox. Even though I own a Mac, and Safari is great, I cannot give up Firefox. Why? Mainly because of the extensions. The extensions allow me to use my browser more effectively and to get more out of it. Here are the extensions I use:

ScribeFire: this allows me to blog inside my browser. It takes up half the screen so that I can still see my web pages. As I change tabs the ScribeFire stays open at the bottom of the screen. This allows me to search for photos and videos without having to go back and forth between the WordPress tab. It also has more editing tools than WordPress, and the best part: if I want to add a photo all I have to do is drag it from the web page into the ScribeFire box. This is by far my favorite extension.

Foxy Tunes: compatible with almost every music player, Foxy Tunes places a music control pad in my browser so that I don’t have to move away from the browser to iTunes in order to change a song, adjust the volume, etc. This is a very helpful tool to help keep focus.

Search Options: I have added Wikipedia, Meriam Websters and the ESV Bible to my search tab in the top right corner.

Bookmarks: Firefox allows for bookmark buttons to go directly below your URL space and before your tabs. Note: after adding a button, refresh the page and an icon will appear in the button. Also, manually shorten the names, for some reason they are so freaking long when you drag them down. Here are my buttons:

– gmail, wordpress, google reader, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, ESPN, CNN, Drudge, LVRJ, Pandora, MySpace, Bible Gateway, ESV Bible, Facebook, Blogger (for Vicky).

So what are your favorite Firefox extensions? What buttons do you use? Do you have multiple tabs open each time you start Firefox? Do you still use IE on your dial-up connection?

What say you?


Links I think You Would Enjoy

I really enjoyed this sermon by Rick McKinley. Just a great lesson on how to be honest with God while revering him as God. It seems that often times in the church that we get only one right, if that.

John Piper dispenses this nugget of wisdom on humility. I agree with Justin Taylor (whose blog every Christian should read) that this was the best line, “be more amazed that you’re saved than that they’re lost.”

Steve McCoy has lost his mind.

Trevin Wax has a great interview with N.T. Wright. N.T. is a great balance to the more Reformed conservative voices out there. Of course those voices provide a great balance to N.T., who on some issues, is way out there.

I got Bob Hyatt to admit by ommission that Doug Pagitt is a heretic. That is what I call an Emergent victory. Check the comments out for details.

Lee Coate has some great thoughts on how we discern fruit in the age where church planting is as cool as African babies are to celebrities.

Rob Hall preached a really good series on Jonah.




How sick?

Well, when I woke up in a cold sweat around 10:00am I thought to myself:

“I bet if I get up and shower I will feel better.”

It was then I realized that I had already showered at 7:00am when I was trying to make it to work before my wife stopped me.

That’s how sick.