The Coming of God’s Kingdom

Steve McCoy is a pastor/blogger that both Matt and I have read for a number of years.  While neither of us have met him we both like his music tastes and pastoral wisdom.  His blog is also linked on the left side of ours.

Steve’s wife has had to undergo multiple brain surgeries in the last few years and is still battling some major medical issues.  I am not a guy who tears up often but for some reason I read this post that Steve wrote about his community coming together around him and his family and my eyes began to well up.  As I read it I realized just a what a rich man Steve and his family are, and how amazing it looks when God moves to bless us in our trials.  Amazing.



Links I think You Would Enjoy

I really enjoyed this sermon by Rick McKinley. Just a great lesson on how to be honest with God while revering him as God. It seems that often times in the church that we get only one right, if that.

John Piper dispenses this nugget of wisdom on humility. I agree with Justin Taylor (whose blog every Christian should read) that this was the best line, “be more amazed that you’re saved than that they’re lost.”

Steve McCoy has lost his mind.

Trevin Wax has a great interview with N.T. Wright. N.T. is a great balance to the more Reformed conservative voices out there. Of course those voices provide a great balance to N.T., who on some issues, is way out there.

I got Bob Hyatt to admit by ommission that Doug Pagitt is a heretic. That is what I call an Emergent victory. Check the comments out for details.

Lee Coate has some great thoughts on how we discern fruit in the age where church planting is as cool as African babies are to celebrities.

Rob Hall preached a really good series on Jonah.



One of my Favorite Worship Songs

From my favorite bearded worship leader.

Bill Wolf – Dust to Glory


20,000 hits!

As you can tell by the little ticker in the lower right hand corner of this blog, The Prime Rib Theory hit 20,000 hits this last week. I say this not because 20,000 is a big deal, its not. But because it makes me think about all that has gone on here in the last year or so since we started this blog.

Our biggest day ever was when Matt decided to compare Francis Beckwith converting to Catholicism, to a pro wrestler becoming a heel (in a playful way). This post eventually got covered by the Washington Post and the rest was history. We still get people coming to the blog to read about it.

I have also noticed that blogging is all about longevity. Over time more and more people begin to read your blog and also participate in the conversation. Matt and I have both speculated that only around 3 to 5% of those who visit a blog ever comment. So if you have commented here, congratulations you are a weirdo. We also noticed that because we have written around 200 posts now, we still get a significant number of people coming everyday to read things we wrote sometime ago. I really think this is cool because it means that what you write can help, encourage, inform, distract, someone for months on end.

So thanks for reading our blog, even if you just ended up here by googling such things as, famous black people, Kanye West, How to cook prime rib, how much Joel Osteen can bench press, or even ass goblins. Actually whoever got here by googling ass goblins, please go away.


Best Blogs of 2007

And when I say best blogs I mean blogs that I read and think others should read also. I had not thought of doing this but Matt suggested it in his post on music, and since I love lists (this is why I love the end of the year) I felt obliged.

1.– Justin Taylor

There is not another blog I have gone to more, and been blessed by more, than this one. Justin Taylor is better than Google and CNN combined when it comes to keeping up with the happenings of Evangelicalism. He has pointed me to tons of free resources, great sermons, and insightful articles. His blog frequently features lively theological debates in the comment sections, and attracts people from all sorts of theological camps. Not to mention he also writes about politics, though most of his political commentary is quite conservative.


As a guy who skipped out of taking any business or finance classes in college I have learned a lot from this blog. I have always been a self-guided student of economics and love to follow the markets. Another blog that I read and falls in this area is the MSN money blog, it is loaded with good money management tips and savings ideas.

3. CNN Campaign blog

Now if you are a subscriber the the “Limbaugh Letter” and think he is a prophet you might think CNN is demonic, but for everyone else it is a great way to stay informed and current with what is going on with the Presidential election. The stories are pretty balanced and the photos are always pretty funny. So if you read this blog and are on the fence about who to vote for in 2008 then check this blog out and prepare yourself to make an educated vote.

4. Eugene Cho

Eugene is a pastor in the Seattle area of a young church plant. I have been reading his blog for awhile and usually come away encouraged. Eugene blogs and writes in a kind, winsome, and thoughtful manner. He does a good job of not majoring on the minors and having his message lost in polemical tirades. He is worth reading.

These are just some blogs that I have found myself reading throughout 2007. I am sure that in 2008 my list will likely evolve and change. While you can waste a lot of time on blogs and surfing through them, I also think reading good blogs is worthwhile. Blogs are a good way to interact with others, learn new ideas, be entertained. Of course there are many other blogs I read and most of those are found in our “blogroll.” I will throw an honorable mention to Jake Keck’s blog because he is the king of Youtube and other funny videos. I find myself drifting to his blog when I want to see a crazy Youtube clip.

Mr. Lee Visits Iowa

Perhaps our blog should have a description more like Jake Keck or Justin Taylor. Perhaps we should admit that this is a blog with social, political, and theological commentary. Yet, I cannot get myself to part with our current banner (for those of you who have yet to notice the change):

Issuing CHILL PILLS, One Crazy Blogger at a Time

I digress. I wanted to bring attention to my friend Jonathan’s political escapades. I credit Jonathan with bringing to light many great things for me:

– The joy that is Red Wine
– Red Beans and Rice
– A better understanding of where guys like Brian McLaren and Len Sweet are coming from, and the culture to which they are speaking against/to
– The West Wing

I will confess that a TV show has got me more interested in politics than anything else ever. This is not necessarily a bad thing if we still consider forms of TV in the category of arts. Well, my buddy Jonathan is putting his money/time/effort where his heart is: in Corn Country.

Personally I hate the fact that Jimmy Carter capitalized on this early primary over a quarter-decade ago, thus making ethanol subsidies an issue that shouldn’t be (THOSE SUBSIDIES SHOULD BE GOING TO HYDROGEN FUEL DEVELOPMENT!!!), but that aside it is probably the most important primary. It gives a candidate momentum heading into New Hampshire. And if a candidate sweeps those two by a heavy margin (think John Kerry), then he or she pretty much wraps up their party’s nomination. That is why Jonathan is in Iowa, campaigning for Mike Huckabee.

So much for Obama, Jonathan?

What has made this interesting is that Jonathan and his friends are there together, campaigning for different candidates. The fact that they have been dialouging about it has made my new favorite blog.

Personally, the only thing about the GOP caucuses that interests me is whether or not Giuliani gets the nomination. It is very interesting to think that we could be on the cusp of not having a pro-choice candidate for President. As much as that saddens me, it would make my choice for President a heck of a lot easier (I’ll give you a hint, its the only time I’ve ever agreed with Oprah). Other than that, I could care less which big business loving, environment hating, orphan/widow forgetting candidate the GOP nominates. And I am refraining from writing about Ron Paul on this blog becuase I would like to remain friends with Aaron and Tom.


The Prodigal Son Returns

Joe Boyd is a pastor again.

And he has a blog.

And yes, there are about 3 people who read this that care.

Ryan, Adam…thoughts?