Why We Love The Church

One of the best book I read a few years ago was “Why We’re Not Emergent.”  It was well reasoned, incredibly written, and avoided unneeded polemics in favor of a passionate plea to take serious issues that deeply effect our understanding of God.  Well the authors, Ted Kluck, and Kevin DeYoung have a new book out, a follow up if you will, entitled “Why We Love The Church.”  Here is a quote from me that has said much of what I have felt about doctrine and the church for many years now.

Church isn’t boring because we’re not showing enough film clips, or because we play an organ instead of guitar. It’s boring because we neuter it of its importance. Too often we treat our spiritual lives like the round of golf used to open George Barna’s Revolution. At the end of my life, I want my friends and family to remember me as someone who battled for the Gospel, who tried to mortify sin in my life, who found hard for life, and who contended earnestly for the faith. Not just a nice guy who occasionally noticed the splendor of the mountains God created, while otherwise just trying to enjoy myself, manage my schedule, and work on my short game.



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  1. that’s a great quote and definitely true. We need more reverence and a sober-realization that men’s souls are at stake and that we have been ordained by the Living-God to proclaim His Word.

  2. Hey Ryan I’m just curious to know if you have read “revolution” or not…? I’m very interested to see what Kluck & DeYoung have to say and will check out the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Hey Aaron I have not read Barna’s book. What are your thoughts on it?

  4. I was just curious. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I have just noticed in the past year that a lot of guys like to quote and review books, potentially shining a negative light on them without having read them…seems a bit crazy to me to speak one way or the other about a book I haven’t read. So, I was just wondering. I have read Revolution, and like any other book there were some things in it that were “iffy”, but over all I think I took away what Barna was getting at; it was awesome. For some reason I hear that first paragraph about the guys on the golf course quoted from the book a lot…If that story is read alone people take away a false idea of what Barna’s point was – just like when we proof text the scripture by reading verses not knowing their context in the text as a whole; same thing. Anyhow, just wanted to throw that out there. Hope I didn’t cross any boundaries (I suppose I also felt a small need to “speak up”, or “go to bat” for a fellow like-minded brother who is a friend of a friend. Barna’s latest book was co-authored with two friends of mine, Tony & Felicity Dale, who have been great mentors to me in the past couple years. The book is called “The Rabbit & the Elephant” – it’s a good read. Take care buddy.

  5. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful comment! Truth is I have not read Barna’s Revolution and personally do not have any axe to grind with it.

    Therefore, let me say I am not sure what DeYoung is getting at with his “golf” comment as I am not familiar with the story from Barna’s book.

    Outside of that I think DeYoung is trying to highlight that people have a hard time embracing the gravitas/weightiness of the Church when it so frequently settles for triviality. I will try and find a copy of Barna’s book and read his quote in context, thanks for speaking up.

  6. Awesome. Thanks for clarifying man. I look forward to reading DeYoungs book as well. Take care!

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