Doug Groothuis: MeWorld

My former Professor at Denver Seminary has a fun blog that I like to read on occasion called The Constructive Curmudgeon.  His posts are often thought provoking and convicting for me.  Here is a post he wrote a few days ago about the implicit self-absorption that makes up much of our current culture.  He entitled he parody post “MeWorld” which I think says it all.

Hi, this is Me.

You need to know everything about Me. Here are hundreds of photos of Me. I am cool, cute, in the know, have photogenic friends, and those who aren’t make Me look better. I can strike a pose, even hundreds of them: Me on display for you.

You need to know all My likes and dislikes, too: My favorite TV shows, movies, video games, foods, celebrities, clothes, tweets, and more. My trivia is your treasure–because it’s Mine.

It’s MeWorld: just Me for everyone out there, because you need to know Me. I need more friends on Facebook, more twitter partners, more posts on My blog, more cell calls, more links to Me, more emails to Me, more YouTube videos featuring Me.
You need to know everything about Me.

Don’t you? Hello…


3 Responses

  1. This is insightful. It wouldn’t ring so true if people only put up good pictures, for instance, instead of putting up blurry or out–of-frame shots too. It’s like they barf their lives onto a server somewhere.

    I think it is interesting that as communication gets easier, literacy gets worse. r u here? me 2. y u b lik dat? Think how eloquent people were when they had to write with a quill, use and ink well and blotting paper, and paper cost comparable to high-end designer clothing today. I wish I could say I knew what it all means.

  2. Didn’t Klosterman and Simmons deal with this on a recent podcast? Man I love me some Chuck Klosterman.

  3. Did not listen to the Klosterman podcast, figured it would be more ranting about the death of newspapers.

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