You And Your Bible

There are many important relationships in your life and they all deserve your attention and care.  But there is one that many Christians have been to neglectful of, and that is the relationship you have with your Bible.

When it comes down to it most Christians know the right things to say about the Bible.  They will tell you that it is the word of God and that people need to read it for revelation and spiritual transformation.

Of course when Christians are told they need their Bible a measure of guilt sets in and from that follows legalism.  We are then prone to set up a reading plan or 10 mins in which we can blow through a few passages and then move on to doing more fun things like Facebooking or watching re-runs of Scrubs (I am guilty of the second).

Yet by having such a poorly functioning relationship with the Bible we are all being cheated of Spirit-filled transformation that God would have for us.

Bonhoeffer says it well:

We must learn to know the Scriptures again, as the Reformers and our fathers knew them.  We must know the Scriptures first and foremost for the sake of our salvation.  But besides this, there are ample reasons that make this requirement exceedingly urgent.  How, for example, shall we ever attain certainty and confidence in our personal and church activity if we do not stand on solid biblical ground?  It is not our heart that determines our course, but God’s word.

Did you get that?  All the decisions, dreams, ambitions, and values you have will not determine your ultimate destiny more than what you glean from God’s word.  Scripture shapes us, it fuels us, and determines your direction.

Your relationship with your Bible is of the utmost importance and one you cannot afford to neglect.


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