I used to lead a young adults group called Renovation.  If I was still leading that group I would have about 643 illustrations of the pains, frustrations, and unexpected problems that come up during the renovating process.

A few months ago Crystal and I decided to renovate all of our bathrooms.  We took a tile class, made a materials list, created a budget, and recruited Crystal’s dad to fly out and help us for a whole week.  We are putting in new tile floors, bathroom vanities, counter tops, sinks, and faucets.  Eventually we will also end up painting two out of the three bathrooms also.

I am taking lots of photos of the process and will post some on here in the coming days, and God willing the completed project when we are done.  For now I will just say that however much time and money you think it will take you to do renovations at your home, double it. Then bank on the unexpected happening as well, beause it will.

Good times.



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