Only two entities can loss huge amounts of money ever year and still stick around; government, and the WNBA.

With the recent economic collapse and all the anger at bailouts of businesses that make no money you would think there would be some outrage directed toward the WNBA.  Please do not here me as being sexist, I am all for women playing basketball, and think they should have every opportunity to play at the high school and collegiate level.  My point simply is that there is no RIGHT to a professional league.

For over a decade the WNBA has been financially insolvent and a bigger failure in tv ratings than CSPAN (okay I am not sure about that but its really close).  No one wants to watch the sport, the arenas for WNBA games are about as well attended as the rec league soccer games by my house, and yet the league persists, why?

Well when you talk to the Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern about why he keeps subsidizing the league he gets cranky and gives a look as if he would like to lock you up in gitmo.  And most reporters do not want to grill him on the topic because they are afraid of being portrayed as sexist.

The perpetual existence of the WNBA is about more than just basketball, its about hyper political correctness.  Every year I am smothered by WNBA commercials during the NBA playoffs that tell me how amazing their league is and implicitly that I am sexist for not watching.

My modest proposal is this; could we please move past the trite argument that if someone does not like the debacle known as the WNBA then they are a sexist?  It could simply be that they do not like bad basketball.



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