Prayer: Why Is It Hard?

There are many answers to this question but the most honest and perhaps convicting one is that we often believe it just does not matter.

Basically we feel that if we pick up the prayer phone there is at worst no one on the other line, and at best were just leaving a voice message.

I am often haunted by the practice of my prayer life and the convictions I have about God’s nearness.  Where is the disconnect?  Yet I have found myself meditating recently on the truth that prayer is more than a feeling or emotional response or dutiful ritual that I am obligated to do.

Rather the Christian life is one in which prayer is an imperative.  You see relationships are never stagnant, they are either growing or wilting.  If I engage with my wife and give all of myself to love her than our relationship will grow.  If I do not than our relationship will suffer and we will drift apart.

No matter if we feel it or not our prayer life matters more than just about anything.  In John 15 Jesus makes very clear that he is the vine and we are the branches.  That apart from Jesus we can do nothing.  Think about that last word…nothing.  You will do nothing of worth, eternal impact, or significance outside of connection to Jesus.  Your prayer life must be cared for at all times so that you remain connected to the vine and bear fruit.

So what do you do when you are worn out and your heart is cold?  Here are a few things.

1.  Run to community and church.  Make sure you soul is being nourished and fed by other believers.  That you are immersing in Spirit filled community that can encourage you onto good works and joy.  Don’t be surprised if your heart has grown stale to the things of God when you have cut yourselves off from Jesus’ bride.

2.  Silence.  Take a few minutes today and just seek God’s grace.  Turn off the ipod, cell phone, and tv and simple say, “Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.”

3.  Memorize Scripture.  So few of us have blessed our souls with the tremendous benefit of God’s word implanted into our hearts and minds.  I have taken to memorizing scripture in the last few years and it has been massively transforming for my thought and prayer life.  When my soul is dry I simple lean into scripture and let it speak for me.  I would recommend Micah, 6:8, and Matt. 13:44 as two verses to start with.

Prayer is not easy but it is vital.  May we all pray that daily that G


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  1. Ryan, thanks for posting this. It is very powerful and a great encouragement to seek the Lord today!

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