Lovin Your Momma

I have never been a mom, but I have met a lot of them, and I have a mom that I love very much.

Its really not an easy job.  Mom’s have more to do than even the busiest CEO in America.  They are responsible for so much.  Often though mom’s go unappreciated and we forget just what an eternal impact being a mom has on all of us.  Being a mom is one of the greatest things in life that a woman can be, and every mom deserves our appreciation and love.  This is why we all should make sure we are doing all we can to love our momma’s.

In John 19 we see a theology of lovin your momma.  As Jesus is dying, suffering like no human ever has, he is still concerned that his mom is cared for.  Jesus’ mom Mary is a widow and is going through pain second only to Jesus’ as she watches him get crucified, so Jesus makes sure that Mary will be loved and cared for once he is gone and tells John to care for her.  Following in Jesus’ example here are some practical steps for loving your mom.

1.  Tell your mom what you love about her.  Verbally say to your mom what it is you love about her.  Mom’s love to hear this stuff and it should be our joy to share it with them.

2.  Give your mom a hug.  Your mom used to clean your tushy, tuck you in at night, and possibly even breast feed you.  As mom’s innately are physically nurturing to their children and  we should remember to reciprocate that love and physical affection when we can.  I know when I give my mom a hug; especially because I see her so infrequently, she tears up and feels loved.

3.  Be accepting and generous to your mom.  All mom’s are unique and most can be a little quirky, but truth is you only get one.  As we get older some of us shift into thinking about how we can get by with as little as possible with our mom’s.  But your mom was there for you when you were most vulnerable and in need, make sure your there for her to.  Love your mom even if she has not been the best mom, because Jesus has loved you when you deserved nothing but scorn.

4.  Listen and bring honor to your mom.  Take time to hear what your mom is interested in and what is going on in her life.  Bring honor to her in that she is proud to be your mom and that when she sees your number pop up on the caller ID or you walking up the driveway there is a sense of excitement and joy.

Mom’s are special and they teach us much about God’s character.  They also are gifts from God and provide us a unique special relationship unlike any other you will ever have on this planet.



3 Responses

  1. what happened to #3?

  2. Thanks Jake, my mom did not teach me to count.

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