God’s Grace Is Not For Everyone…

Its only for sinners.

I love this truth because it reminds me that in order to get what I most need and desire, I must let go of my self-righteousness.

In Luke 18 the tax collector simply asks for grace and receives it, because it is for sinners.  The Pharisee on the other hand fails to see that he is a sinner and walks away without grace.

I am left to wonder how hungry we are for grace?  How often do we choose our pathetic self-righteousness over God’s grace.  Grace cannot be given unless one admits they need it.

As Christians we have a propensity to ignore the need for habitual repentance.  We find repentance to be the part of our relationship with God that should be done quickly, like its an unfortunate necessity.  Yet when we abstain from repentence we cheat ourselves out of drinking continually from the life giving well of God’s grace.

All of this fundamentally leads to us believing, and understanding that God’s grace is GREATER than ALL our sin, and that repentance is a joy and privilege for believers.

God’s grace is not for everybody… only for sinners.



One Response

  1. I agree, when you become a Christian you should continue to grow in repentance for the rest of life, becoming more and more like Christ.

    I like how Paul Washer says it, “When you become a christian you have a new relationship with sin.” We are more aware of it and more aware of how much we need Jesus.

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