Tony Jones, Our Generation’s Reformer

Tony Jones who was formerly the director of the Emergent Village stirred up quite a storm in the last week by blogging about his understanding of the atonement.

Leading Justin Taylor to label his views sub-Christian.  It appears that Tony was none to happy about Reformed folk challenging his ideas of the atonement with Scripture that clearly contradicts what what he was teaching.

Tony decided to write a post today about how it is ironic how these Reformed guys who seem to deeply love Martin Luther, were persecuting him for being a modern day reformer.  To carry out the comparison, Reformed theology, and its followers, are the oppressive Cathlolic Church that is constraining true Christianity from flourishing, and Tony is Luther, the great modern reformer, here to set Christianity free.

Here is the only problem, and the comment I left on Tony’s blog:

Uhhh to point out the big “E” on the eye chart to you Tony; all of Luther’s protests were deeply grounded in the Bible. He was never afraid to interact with certain passages of scripture that contradicted his personal preferences or cultural values.

In your previous posts many listed a plethora of scriptures that blatantly ran in the face of your comments on the atonement and they were met with….silence. So I am more than willing to see the irony if you want to interact with scripture. How about we just start with 1 Cor. 5:21 and what does the word propitiation mean.

Tony Jones and emergent theology is anything but a breath of fresh, reforming, biblical theology; rather its simply the recycled stale ideas of mainline liberal thought that is leading to the death of many churches and denominations as we speak.



2 Responses

  1. Has Tony responded to you at all in the comment section of his post? In all of the debate surrounding the atonment, he sure does avoid any attempt at really conversing about propitiation.

    Wasn’t there an “emergent” book out on the atonement?

  2. Hey Mike,

    No Tony did not respond to my comment. He has had some follow up posts on the topic but they only seemed to further muddy the waters. In one post he will state he finds nothing compelling with penal substitutionary atonement, and that it is basically not useful, and then in the next post he say that he does not deny it.

    I have found that talking theology in these circumstances can be quite exasperating, as the Bible remains quite secondary to current feelings, thoughts, and cultural conclusions.

    And yes there has been a number of books on the atonement that the emergent crowd loves such as;

    1. “Stricken by God?: Nonviolent Indentification and the Victory of Christ”

    2. “The Nonviolent Atonement”

    3. “Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross”

    4. “The Lost Message of Jesus”

    5. “Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches.” This might be the one you are talking about. The topics were supposed to be Trinity, atonement, and Bible, but if you read it most of the writers drastically deviate from the assigned subjects.

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