this is not a joke

This is for real…

What do you think about this blog post?

I am particularly interested in what you think of the 8 reasons to join. I will post my thoughts in the comments along with yours.

– matt


10 Responses

  1. Whatever works right!? We’ve got to contextualize! =) You love me.

  2. Really Aaron, that’s all I get out of you? That’s a cop out.

  3. Wow. I didn’t think that the Gospel could be more consumerized than it already has been, but I’ve just been proven wrong. I’m confident that many are genuinely coming to faith through Saddleback’s ministry, but stunts like this put the privilege and responsibility of church membership on about the same level as the ShamWow! No wonder many Americans tragically view the Gospel and the Church as little more than just more cheap crap to clutter their lives.

  4. Wow to the power of 8.

    So much to say, but why bother? It’s been said.

  5. I hear the have a heated baptismal and cushy chairs too (reasons 9 and 10)

  6. When I first read this it seemed like a guy who read a Civil war book and then said, “hey that would be really cool to re-create” except with Pentecost…

  7. At first I was angry. Now, I’m legitimately saddened. What was once a call to die to self and proclaim the Lordship of Christ is now a call not to procrastinate because the “membership class” is 1 hour shorter than normal. What was once a day produced sovereignly by the sending of the Spirit upon those early believers is now a day you can sign up for. What was once a sound call to repentance from the Apostle Peter has now become and invitation to a photo op and a free book.

    It turns my stomach and ultimately, I am no better.

  8. After reading the 8 steps I feel similar to each of you. Matt, thanks for keeping me from getting “angry” tonight when we chatted about it. I feel VERY much like Mike does…

  9. Well, I think this might be a different religion then the one in the book of Acts.

  10. My feelings on Rick Warren have wavered back and forth over the past year or so and I’m left somewhere between sad and confused with this post.

    He’s using this is a promotion for ‘membership’ not ‘salvation’, yet I am curious how many people today know the difference.

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