Vintage Matt Chandler

Here is a sermon Matt Chandler preached that has stuck in my mind for a few weeks now.  It is one of the most helpful and impacting messages I have heard in quite awhile.

I would implore all of you to listen to it and apply it to your life.


4 Responses

  1. I have to say I think this Matt Chandler guy is a danger to the church. He is a shrill preacher that thrives on making fun of good moral behavior. Whoever posted this should repent and take it down. And be ashamed your blog is promoting this kind of stuff.

  2. […] of our favorite young pastors, Matt Chandler, by giving him his own celebratory week on the blog. This guy thinks we should be ashamed and repent for linking to a sermon of his, but we think we […]

  3. @Thomas r u serious? ..

  4. I’m ashamed that I very well could’ve been the one pulling the rose stunt. Good sermon and good thoughts. I feel so ashamed at some of my past actions as a torch bearer for the gospel.

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