Wise Words From John Piper

I have not listened to John Piper in some time but I loaded his latest sermon up on the ipod this morning and heard a wonderful sermon on prayer, and how sometimes God leads us into difficult times to cultivate our prayer lives.

He spoke about setting aside a holy time to commune with God each day, and then commented on the tendency for many of us young cool Christians to think that anything that is habitual or planned is “legalism.” He said it is adolescent spiritual immaturity to think that habits are legalism. Rather they are a statement on what we think is vital.

He then pointed out that all of us are legalistic about eating daily, or sleeping every night, and few of us think about “mixing it up” and just sleeping every other day.

These are wise words for all of us to consider as it is resolution season, and time for all of us to evaluate our prayer lives and habits.


2 Responses

  1. I’m convicted and I haven’t even listened yet.

  2. I’m mixing it up and sleeping every other day! Boo-yah!

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