Obama And Rick Warren

CNN.com and a number of news outlets are reporting the outrage from liberal America about Rick Warren being involved in Obama’s inauguration.  They are already starting with all the usual name calling towards Warren and labeling him a “homophobe and bigot” and someone who “preaches hate.”  May I remind everyone that it did not work in 3rd grade and it does not work today; name calling does not substitute for an argument.  Sure it may marginalize your opponent and make him seem dangerous but it does not build your case.

The great irony though is that the cascades of fury that stream on Warren from secular liberals, are packaged under the guise of being “tolerant, and inclusive.”  I guess this inclusivism and tolerance has it borders at where anyone who disagrees with them. Yet the truth is we have not begun to practice true tolerance till we fundamentally disagree with another.  In addition, it is terrible to see the same division already seeping into so many people’s mindsets.  Obama, nor any President should be beholden to any one group or constituency, he is not the President of just secular liberals, or any other special interest, but of the United States of America.

I applaud Obama for having Warren participate in his inauguration, and sending a signal that he desires to reach out and serve no one group but, as best he can, serve all people.



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