My “Focus On The Family” Moment MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Did a little CHRISTMAS shopping this week. As I purchased my stuff the lady said “happy holidays.” I looked her and said.

“What holiday?”

Lady: well whatever one you celebrate
Me: what holiday do most people buying gifts celebrate?
Lady: Uh Christmas
Me: So why not just say merry Christmas?
Lady: Well it just seems better to say holiday
Me: Well I doubt it would be a very happy holiday for your store without Christmas.
Lady: I guess your right.

I find it ironic that the crux of a retail store’s success is based off an event that they won’t even acknowledge. That these winter months would not be merry but miserable for retail if not for Christmas. It makes me wonder, what would happen if Christians just decided to opt out of the gift giving aspect of Christmas for one year. Maybe take all the money we would use on gifts and give it toward third world clean water projects.

Just some thoughts…


3 Responses

  1. Advent Conspiracy! This will be our second year and we love it. Why spend a ton of $$ on crap for people?

  2. I, for one, am not interested in defending the idea that people should wish us a “merry christmas.” Strictly in a business sense, I agree with you, but when you suggest that “Christians” should opt out of gift giving for a year, you lose me.

    The reason we gift give is because we gift buy (in the context of typical Christmas). From its inception the Christian faith has discouraged the very thing that our consumer-oriented Christmas has become: the accumulation of possessions. But we often now allow our primary concern to be whether or not someone recognizes the birth of Jesus in the process of that accumulation. Which is more infuriating: a retailer who refuses to wish you a “Merry Christmas” or a Christian who insists that his consumption be blessed by attaching the name of Christ to it by someone who in all likelihood doesn’t know or love God?

    I guess in the end, I feel like we’ve allowed things like this to become this generations “persecution” and unfortunately, it’s not because we’re living counter-culturally, but because in many regards we’ve snatched the bait of consumerism hook, line and sinker. It makes total business sense for a group of consumers to opt out of buying to get their point across, but what point would we Christians be better making about Christ and the incarnation by that?

  3. I agree entirely with you Mike, 99.9% of the time I am disinterested in these trivial debates. This interaction probably just caught me at the right moment. The exchange between me and the retail clerk was actually quite pleasant and more inquisitive than it sounds in how I wrote it.

    All of my frustration really stems from what you wrote, as for about the last five years I have been exploring and thinking about different ways to do Christmas. I do not consider this a hill I want to die on, let alone even fight on, as a Christian. But as someone who follows business I cannot think of any other time where you find your target audience and then implicitly ignore them. Its just weird. But then again American Christmas was high jacked long ago as it now is just a gift giving family time in which we speak of Saint Nick and elfs. This is why even an Atheist can joyfully join in celebrating Christmas.

    Draper, funny you mention Advent Conspiracy. I just stumbled upon some sermons about this and downloaded them the other day. Maybe you could tell me a little about it and how it worked for your family.

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