Mark Driscoll’s Free Book on Pornography

I have long considered pornography to be the most taboo and pertinent subject in the Church today.  It does not get any more awkward than when the topic comes up in church gatherings or Christian conversations.  Mainly, because it is such a massive issue which is having devastating effects on the spiritual lives of millions of men (and some women).

I think the reason it is so hard to talk about is because for many women the issue is just so alien to them and they carry little empathy and lots of disdain for guys who struggle with it.  Driscoll hit the nail on the head though when he says that men are visual by construction and that for women this is just not something they can fully identify with.

So Mark Driscoll has written a book that is FREE, as a resource for all who are struggling with pornography to utilize.  You can download the whole thing and pass it along to friends.


3 Responses

  1. While attending Denver Seminary, for a brief moment, I was assigned the typical survey class assignment of picking out something in the Christian realm, researching it, constructing a world class paper, and then doing it all again with half as many grammatical errors. The topic I picked out was something edgy. It was new. And it was something unsafe. It was called XXXCHURCH. My professor ended up giving me a less than passing grade on it due to its content. It still makes me shake my head and wonder how someone who is so smart could be so dumb.

    http://WWW.XXXCHURCH.COM addresses the issue of pornography in a glamorous way. It is meant to be eye catching and fun in order to grab those in the habits of lust issues to look at this site instead. It is a tool used for rescueing and it has the ability to later get you connected with recovery.

    I read Driscoll’s new/old book on Pornography and it is very helpful and I just wish that I had it when I was doing ministry in Denver. In the end, when men, especially men, get bored or over-whelmed, lust is enflamed as a huge flashing sign with the lie of “relief” written all over it. Both of these resources help to draw attention to the issues of porn and lust and both resources offer advice and direction for those stuck in a dark place. I appreciate you posting this on the blog Ryan.

  2. I think this is one of the least talked about, but most prevalent and destructive sins christian men (and women) struggle with. Good, loving Christians who want nothing else to be pure, yet constantly finding themselves falling prey to the lie that it will satisfy you. I applaud driscoll for not being afraid to tackle this subject with a heart to help men deal appropriately with the subject. However, as with many things Driscoll says/writes, I have some issues. At the beginning of the book he roughly says the following (not verbatim) “the issue isn’t about lust. It’s about what woman you are lusting after”. I understand he is directing Xian men to direct their sexual fulfillment to their wives. Now, I ask the following as sincere as I can: isn’t lusting after your wife still a sin? Lusting after her will only continue the disease of objectifying women for our sexual gratification. Perhaps it is a semantic issue, but in the context used I don’t think it was. When Jesus said not to look at a woman lustfully, wasn’t it more than a practical guide to controlling our ‘urges’? Wasn’t he saying, “hey, that’s your partner species over there. Lust will only further degrade that”.

    This was all written on my phone, so I apologize for any spelling errors. But I would like to know what you think. Is lusting after my wife a sin?

  3. While I think your question is a bit semantic Jake, I still think the idea is thought provoking. I will do a bit of research this weekend on the word lust and see what I think, because I honestly do not have an answer. I am sure though that there is some overlap between desire (which would should have toward our wives) and lust (which I am not sure if its interchangeable.)

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