Mark Driscoll’s Free Book on Pornography

I have long considered pornography to be the most taboo and pertinent subject in the Church today.  It does not get any more awkward than when the topic comes up in church gatherings or Christian conversations.  Mainly, because it is such a massive issue which is having devastating effects on the spiritual lives of millions of men (and some women).

I think the reason it is so hard to talk about is because for many women the issue is just so alien to them and they carry little empathy and lots of disdain for guys who struggle with it.  Driscoll hit the nail on the head though when he says that men are visual by construction and that for women this is just not something they can fully identify with.

So Mark Driscoll has written a book that is FREE, as a resource for all who are struggling with pornography to utilize.  You can download the whole thing and pass it along to friends.