Tim Keller, The Prodigal God Pt. 2

I know the economy is tough but if you have an extra 15 bucks go buy Keller’s new book, at least put it on your Christmas wish list.  Its a short little diddy and something you could easily read through and pass along to a friend.  Now if your still recalcitrant to ponying up 15 dollars at least listen to the sermon which Keller gave and based the book on.  Please!!!

Let me share with you another snippet that hit me hard as I have continued to study Luke 15 and the three parables (lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal brothers) found in there.

There is, though, one striking difference between the third parable and the first two.  In the first two someone “goes out” and searches diligently for that which is lost.  The searchers let nothing distract them or stand in their way.  By the time we get to the third story, and we hear about the plight of the lost son, we are fully prepared to expect that someone will set out to search for him.  No one does.  It is startling, and Jesus meant it to be so.  By placing the three parables so closely together, he is inviting thoughtful listeners to ask: Well, who should have gone out and searched for the lost son?”  Jesus knew the Bible thoroughly, and he knew that at its very beginning it tells another story of an elder and younger brother–Cain and Abel.  In that story, God tells the resentful and proud elder brother: You are your brother’s keeper.” (p.81)

Our elder brother, Jesus, did not grumble when sent out to search for his younger brothers.  Instead, he humbled himself and came to earth so that we might be reconciled to the Father.