John Piper’s factors in this Election

Wow!!! Some great things to think and pray about.



4 Responses

  1. I was going to post this as well (but I lack the technological skills). Piper does a great job at putting it all in perspective and reminding us that King Jesus is still the ruler of this world.

  2. “Biblically, I don’t think a woman should be the commander-in-cheif of the army.”

    What does that mean? Why not? This isn’t an arguement against it, I’m just curious why he would say “Biblically”. Does this go back to the woman at home theology?

  3. Jake-

    Piper holds to a pretty strong complementarian view of gender roles. I disagree with him on the issue of if a woman should be President, but I believe he is extrapolating from passages of women being more home oriented and the man providing.

    I also think part of his reasoning (and don’t know if it would change his opinion) is that Palin has a mentally disabled infant at home, and he believes the highest good should could biblically do is care for the child.

  4. Jake…I agree with you. I almost had to shut it off after that simple-minded sexist opening. Sheesh. Talk about leading with the wrong foot.

    I am certain that the majority of evangelical opposition to Sarah Palin is nothing but simple-minded sexism. And in the spirit of simple-mindedness, I will not be convinced otherwise.

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