Dogmatic Ignorance

You get the government you deserve.

A democracy mandates an informed and involved public.

The only thing worse than a fool is a fool with strong convictions.

Great Depression II?  Might not be hyperbole.

An uninformed and lazy citizenry handcuffs elected officials

Where our are great “Profiles in Courage” leaders, who put the nation’s well being above their political necks?

The cliches and soundbites are now in full effect as our nation enters what could be its greatest economic crisis since the 1930’s.  What makes matters worse is that election day is a little over a month away, making getting re-elected more important than doing what is best for the country.

For all of you who think this is a “bailout” (terrible phrase to use to sell this to the American public) its not.  Its a RESCUE PLAN!  I implore you to get more informed on this before spouting off on the subject.  Lets get this straight, what happens on Wall Street does not stay on Wall Street, it floods onto main street.  If Wall Street is devastated (which it will be) then main street goes down as well.  This is not about giving billions to rich white guys, this is about saving jobs, homes, pensions, 401K’s, and businesses.  Sure it might feel good to feel like you are sticking it to the fat cats on Wall Street by seeing this rescue plan go down in flames, but you will be cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Because if our economy crumbles, and I am not exaggerating, then executives on Wall Street will lose a couple million, but still be fine.  It will be you and I who suffer.  It will be our communities and friends who pay the price as unemployment skyrockets, housing prices drop even further, and getting loans becomes impossible.

I entitled this post “Dogmatic Ignorance” because this is what most Americans are right now; they have their minds made up that this rescue plan is bad, even though they know little about it or what the consequences will be if it is not passed.  They hear 700 billion and Wall Street and just assume its rich people getting taken care of, and them holding the bill.  This simply is not true.  The bill is set up recoup possibly all the money going out, and even give the tax payer shares in the companies that need help.  But since our lawmakers are terrified of coming home and being labeled as “those guys who gave rich Wall Street a bailout” as they face election, they will not act unless the public gets behind them.

The truth is that most lawmakers thought the deal would pass, and most wanted it to.  Its just that to many wanted to have their cake and eat it to.  They wanted to see it go through, and still be one of those who got to vote “nay.”  They were relying on the courage and integrity of their peers for their political gain.  Shame on them, and shame on anyone who lambastes this plan and does not know the stakes.

I wrote my Congress person today and would advise you to do the same.


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