Gospel of Matthew

Matthew finds Jesus interfacing with three groups of people.

1.  Jewish leaders:  The religious folk who are also the power brokers.  They are almost always hostile toward the mission of Jesus and the unfolding of the Kingdom of God.  Their hearts are hard and they are unwilling to repent of their majoring on the minors and unloving hearts.  All of us have seasons in which we can relate to this group and find ourselves struggling with self-righteousness.  These may be times in which we are growing in spiritual knowledge or have found new Bible teachers we deeply gravitate to.  Also, new believers also can fall prey to this mindset for a season as they are deeply excited about their salvation and wonder how anyone could not live the Christian life they have recently discovered.

2.  The Crowds:  These people are largely the object of Jesus’ ministry and teaching, yet most remain non-committal and prone to being enamored with Jesus at one moment and calling for his crucifixion the next.  Often the crowd loses it passion or interest for Jesus and his message in the burdens of life and the pressures from the powers that be.

3. The disciple:  The disciples often are perplexed and confused at Jesus’ mission and often have a hard time understanding what he is talking about.  They sometimes make boastful claims of spiritual commitment and bravery that will fail to back up.  But they love Jesus and they know Jesus.  The know the grace and compassion of their Lord and are willing to have their wills bent to his message and commands, because this is where they find true life, eternal life.

I think we can all relate to the groups in the Gospel of Matthew.  I read through the whole book of Matthew yesterday and just started taking down notes about how people reacted to Jesus and then thought about myself.  Think about your life and if you where you are at.



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  1. I would only add the Political elites at the end (and at the beginning if you consider Herod’s attempt to kill him).

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