Good To Be A Bronco Fan

“If your town could save one sports team—college or pro—and the others had to relocate to Vladivostok, Russia, which one would stay?

In Denver, for instance, the fans would keep the Broncos and happily drive all other teams to the airport. Proof: If you added your name to the season-ticket waiting list now, it’d be nearly 190 years before you got a call.” Rick Reilly

It is a close to as to which bring me more glee, watching UNLV win NCAA Tournement games, or the Broncos demolish the Raiders and in the process reemerge as a quality football team.

The Broncos beat the Raiders like a Tiebtian monk at a Chinese police picnic.  I could not stop watching as Jay Cutler demonstrated he is one of the best QB’s in the league and better than his 2006 draft counterparts Leinart, and Young.  The O-line was dominant and the play calling was Shanahan demonstrating he is one of the best offensive minds in football; that is when he has the players needed.

This upcoming week is going to be the real test in which we find out if Denver is for real or not as the Chargers visit Mile High for the biggest game of the week.  But at least for today it is wonderful to be a Bronco fan.