It has been a loong time since Matt or I have written a “fridge/shelf/iPod” post.  Maybe because they are a lot of fun but also take a long time.  So this one I will try to curtail length so I will want to do another one before 2009.  Besides everyone who knows me knows that I love to recommend books and other stuff.


Janet Hagberg, The Critical Journey

The aim of this book is to detail the seasons of the spiritual journey.  Hagberg, believes that all of our spiritual lives transition through these stages:

1. Recognition of God

2. Life of discipleship

3. The productive life

4. Journey inward

(The Wall)

5. Journey Outward

6. Life of Love

Hagberg is clear to say that no stage of the journey is superior or better than another, in fact we probably cycle through them as we grow.  Her aim instead, is to help us understand that while the spiritual journey is always has patterns that are familiar for all.  This book has been of tremendous value for me in the last month.

Klyne Snodgrass, Stories With Intent

With a name like Klyne Snodgrass this dude was predestined to become a scholar.  Well at least he is awesome at it.  I have been chewing away on this book for some time now and have been deeply blessed by Snodgrass’ detailed work on all the parables of Jesus.  If you are looking to study the parables then this book is a must.

Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage

I am not really one for marriage books but I continually saw Dr. Blomberg by this one while I worked at the Denver Seminary bookstore.  I also love that it is not really about helpful tips to make you more happy or content in marriage, but rather seeks orient us to see marriage as a part of our process of growing in holiness.  Crystal and I are going to read this together during the next few months.


Patron tequila silver: First tequila I have ever been able to drink straight, incredibly smooth.

Pale Moon:

Matt recently encouraged me to give Blue Moon beer another shot after we had a terrible experience with it in college.  Well instead I decied to try Pale Moon; the new beer by Blue Moon.  Its really good and if you have it in your local store pick some up.

Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey:

My brother in-law Daniel really enjoys this stuff so while on the cruise I gave it a try.  I am still not sure how I feel about it.  The taste did grow on me a little bit but it also gave me wicked heart burn and it is very pricey.  The blue label we tried was 16 dollars a shot!!


“Mercury” – Bloc Party.  Truth is I love anything these guys do.  They just released the new single and I love it.  It is a little strange and I would not recommend it as an introduction to Bloc Party, but if you are looking for a nice energy song

“The heart of the matter” – Frank Sinatra.  I picked this album up from Starbucks after realizing that I owned nothing by the legendary Sinatra.  I have listened to the CD a few times through and so far I have not really liked it.  Maybe because I just do not like his music, or have a taste for crooners.  I will keep listening though and see if my palate changes.



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