Gone Cruising

Tomorrow morning I will hop a flight to Seattle with my lovely wife Crystal.  We will be meeting up there with Crystal’s parents, sister and her husband.  We will then get to spend a few days in Seattle which is one of the coolest places I have ever been.  I would move there if I ever had the opportunity.  After that we will be boarding a cruise ship and set sail for Alaska.  Here is what the boat we will be on looks like.

Pretty cool huh?  What I am really excited about though is getting to see Alaska.  It has always been one of those places I have dreamt of visiting and getting to see.  Some of the sights we will get to observe are truly some of the most beautiful places in God’s magnificent creation.  Plus one of the activities we will get to do is board a crab boat and pull a few pots from the ocean!  If your wondering why this might be so exciting to me it is because I am a huge fan of the show Deadliest Catch.  I think the show holds such a place of fascination for me because it is one of the things that I watch and think, “could I do that?”  Could I work twenty hours straight on a crab boat out on the deadly Bering sea.  The answer is probably no.  But as a guy you are constantly looking all around you and trying to find ways to measure up and test yourself.  Little boys do it and you never really grow out of it.  Which is okay because how else would we ever find out how much milk a guy can drink in an hour without throwing up, or if it really is hazardous to jump head first into the shallow end of the pool.

All kidding aside this vacation comes at a weird time in life for me.  I know I am not the one on this blog who usually writes intensely honest posts about their life and how God is shaping them.  Nor will I do that here tonight as I still have massive amounts of packing to do and really should not be blogging.  But I will say that this summer has been…awkward…for Crystal and I.  God has a funny way of tipping over the apple cart and leaving you wondering why?  I am not complaining here or offer much detail.  Much of what God has been doing in my life is like the babies growing in Vicky’s stomach; in process and needing time to incubate.  So instead I will ask for you to truly pray for me as we go on our trip.

1.  That I may deeply enjoy our vacation.  Sometimes its so easy to get burdened by all that is unexplained in life that you mentally slip past the amazing moment that is going on right in front of you.  This trip to Alaska is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that God has given to me and I want to really enjoy it and soak it up.

2.  That God would show me evidences of his mercy and grace.  The Christian life is really one of journey.  We grow through valleys and often through times in which God’s experiential presence is absent.  Pray that even in this season for me that I would remember that God is faithful and good.

3. Direction.  That whatever God would have for me I would be attentive to his Holy Spirit and clearly listen.



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