The Dark Knight

I went with a group of friends on Friday night and say the new Batman movie.  We went to the 10pm showing and I was a bit tired from the start.  Lucky for me the movie was enough to wake and keep just about anyone’s attention.

Going into the movie I was a bit skeptical.  The massive expecations, the rave reviews, and the early Oscar buzz had me thinking that there was no way this movie could deliever on all the hype.  I was wrong.  Ledger was better than I thought he was going to be, and the story was riddled with complexities and deeper questions about terror, fear, and the innate desire in some to just do evil.

Though only part of the movie that I really had a hard time with was with the two boats that were faced with a moral dilemma of killing the other boat before they killed them.  The Joker had bet this would be the defining piece of evidence in his thesis that people would generally seek self-preservation when faced with fear and death.  Of course Batman delivers the cheesy line of something like, “the people of Gotham are to good for that.”  And in an overly ideal conclusion; the Joker is proven wrong about the nature of Gotham’s citizens.  I just could not buy it.  It was too neat and clean.  Especially considering that a mob of people had showed up at a news studio, a few scenes before, to shoot a guy that was going to divulge the identity of Batman.

This is really a fundemantal weakness of all big blockbuster movies; they are unable to deviate to far off the PC nature and view of humanity and society.

This really is a minor critique, because most of us go to movies like this to be enthralled with a stunning film with a wonderful story.  The Dark Knight succeeded on both fronts.

For all of you who saw it, what are your thoughts?




4 Responses

  1. i agree 100% ryan. the movie more than lived up to the hype and ledger brought something incredible and yet to be matched to the role of the joker. i thought christian bale stepped it up a few notches as well in his portrayal of batman.

    the boat sequence….i agree that it was a bit much and a bit of a random rabbit trail that never ended up going anywhere. i can’t help but wonder if that might have been one of the parts affected by ledger’s death and subsequent editing of his last scenes. but i don’t know that for sure. i just wonder how much more diabolical/intense his portrayal of the joker might have been had he not so tragically died before the release.

  2. kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

  3. I have thoughts, I will write a post later.

  4. I was watching it with Tyler Watson and during the boat scene he said, “the non-criminals will click the switch and it will blow their own boat up”. I thought this would’ve been incredible (I mean, not the loss of movie life, but plot-wise). Everyone would’ve assumed the criminals did it. Mass chaos and all of that. Other than than, the only part I didn’t like was when batman did a 180 on his motorcycle by driving it up the wall and spinning it around. Not sure why that bothered me, but it did.

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