Dr. Blomberg And The “Resurrection Sequel Stone”

I get a subsciption to TIME magazine and they recently had a sensational article about how a stone had been uncovered that proved the resurrection story of Jesus was a rip off or borrowed tradition from earlier Jewish tradition.  Here is a picture of the stone.

Pretty impressive huh?

The scholar consensus seems to be that the stone is authentic and does date back to the days before Jesus.  Therefore it is a valuable artifact for ancient cultural and religious studies.  But does the stone really propose a earlier resurrections story?  Not according to New Testament Scholar Dr. Blomberg.  Read his blog post as gives his opinion of what the stone seems to say.  The notion that it records the idea of a resurrection is simply not there.  Of course that does not stop some from contorting the inscriptions to make it say that.

All of this to say that in our day of cynisim, conspirasy theory mania, it is big business to try and debunk traditional religions, especially Christianity.  If anything this event gives followers of Jesus another opportunity to study and strengthen our own faith and then engage in conversations with those around us.  Events like this do not have to be times when we become reactionary or combative but rather times in which we dig deeper to understand the complexity and realiness of the person and work of Jesus Christ.



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