Bulls Take Derrick Rose With First Overall Pick

Even Matt is somewhat ambivalent to when I write about the Chicago Bulls, but right now I don’t care.  Because after one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory, the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose.

A couple of weeks before the draft I was daydreaming while talking to Matt about any unlikely situation in which the Bulls could land Rose.  Given that the Bulls only had a 1.7% chance of getting the first pick, I knew the odds were about as good as Adam h voting for Obama.

So when the Bulls one the draft lottery well it really felt like they won a… lottery.  As estatic as I am about the Bulls drafting Rose I am already adding to my prayer list that he does not develop a passion for motorcycles and follow in the footsteps of Jay Williams, who was somewhat equal to talent and potential when he came out of college.

So as long as Rose stays healthy and Paxson does not go from a C- GM to the second coming of Isiah Thomas, the Bulls have a bright future.